Where Do Good Business Ideas Come From? | Jack Delosa, The Entourage

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We chat with Jack Delosa, successful entrepreneur and the Founder of The Entourage – Australia’s largest community of entrepreneurs under 40. Jack shares practical insights into where good business ideas come from, the importance of ‘failing fast’ when starting up, the power of vision and philosophy, and explains what makes a ‘sticky’ brand.

This program is general in nature and offered for information and entertainment purposes only. Further professional advice should be sought before taking action of any kind based on the information in this program. Copyright, 2013. The Entrepreneur’s Tribe Pty Ltd.


Twin 2 says:

Nice point i believe my generation and the generation have alot of
opportunities. I grew never seeing opportunity especially as a black person
with a horrible pass and no money today. I am now in China just started to
study business and don’t have the money to pay nor money for food. I dream
of making a difference and having the chance to be a somebody and i don’t
want to give up as see i might have a chance at life´╗┐

Jean Boudillon says:

Nice talk, really insightful. Thank you! :)´╗┐

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