15 Worst Business Decisions Ever

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From corporate marketing wars that fail to compromising on liquor ingredients and paying the price, we count 15 times companies have been awful decisions for greed, ignorance or desperation
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Warning, text spoilers below!
Star Wars,
Cosby Show,
Schlitz Beer,
Microsoft Bob,
New Coke,

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Danger Dolan says:

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Danger Dolan says:


NeovisionX says:

My dad LOVED new coke for some reason, when it was going away, he stock
piled so much that he died before he could finish them. I was digging
around in the attic and found them, there is still 20 cases up there and my
fridge was stocked for a while. It was funny when people drank it and did
not know what was going on lol.

Darius & Kierra says:

If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Make Great Business Decisions Lol – *Darius
& Kierra*

Sp0rk says:

How about EA fucking everyone over by releasing Battlefield 4 SIX MONTHS
before it was ready to release so it could compete with Cod Ghosts?

thebbeenn says:

Great list, Danger Dolan…but you forgot to mention Nintendo.

During the 80s and first half of the 90s, Nintendo was the unstoppable
giant of the video gaming world. They did everything right, until it was
time for the successor to the Super Nintendo console to hit the scene – the
Nintendo64, an absolute powerhouse for its time. Better and more powerful
than its competitors (SEGA Saturn, and Sony Playstation) in almost every
way, there was nothing to suggest that the outcome of this generation of
consoles would be any different than the previous. Nintendo would be the
winner, and that was that. Well… it didn’t quite turn out like that.

Going from 2D pixel based games to 3D polygon based graphics requires lots
of digital storage space. For the longest time, Nintendo was making the N64
to be a CD ROM player. But then out of fear of losing profit to the piracy
that plagued the CD rom market, Nintendo suddenly ditched the planned CD
ROM player, and made the N64 console cartridge based like their previous
two consoles. Cartridges are expensive to produce, and had only a fraction
of the storage capacity of a CD. What’s even worse, Nintendo made this
decision way too late. All the 3rd party game developers were already far
into their game projects for the console, thinking they had the 700mb of a
CD to work with (+ the ability to put a game on several disks), instead of
the 8mb of a cartridge (an NO ability to but the game onto several units).
The most powerful console on the generation, had been reduced to something
that equals a Porsche with a thimble sized gas tank. The games that were in
development for the new super console had already exceeded the size of
Nintendo’s miserable cartridges, and the 3rd party developers urged
Nintendo to reconsider. Nintendo replied with arrogance, and basically told
the developers to suck it up and make the games smaller, or start over.
Nintendo thought they were unstoppable, and that they alone still could
dictate the conditions of game development. The results were catastrophic,
and their once so loyal 3rd party developers abandoned the console in
droves, for what would become the new king of the consoles – Sony
Playstation. Nintendo lost their momentum, and the effects are still felt

The story doesn’t end here, though. It actually has a really interesting
prequel. See, a few years earlier, Nintendo worked together with Sony to
develop a 32bit CD ROM player add-on for the 16bit Super Nintendo console.
The add-on machine dubbed “Nintendo Playstation” was heavily anticipated,
until one day out of a clear blue sky, Nintendo decided to axe the project,
because they felt that Sony had too much of an advantage contractually.
Sony were outraged at such a disrespectful treatment from a business
partner. They continued to work on the console, which was later released
as Sony Playstation. Irony so thick you could almost touch it. 

Daniel Gertler says:

I doubt that the google would have ended up the way it did if it was bought
by those people.

Blue Whirlw1nd says:

Its strange that walmart won for customer service lol. Cause their customer
service SUCKS. they will literally ignore me and not be where they should
be to help customers. But kmart isnt much better. I prefer target. Its a
little more expensive but its much cleaner quieter and people are always
asking if i need assistance. 

Miguel Sosa says:

wow, I never thought I would hear the words Wal-Mart and Good Customer
Service in the same sentence 

Stephen Butler says:

Failing to purchase Google when they were offered for a very reasonable
price in hindsight must be the biggest blunder you could think of. Short
of energy companies Google must be close to the biggest company in the
world, they certainly have the most reach of any company you can think of
and seem to have their fingers in everything.

Calling Google a ‘company’ sort of undersells it, realistically they’ve got
to be considered a global empire.

MundanePlane says:

“Wal-mart” and “good customer service” in the same sentence? BLASPHEMY.

251omega says:

About “New Coke”… It was not “tasting fine” to anyone who liked the old
Coke. In fact, it was DESIGNED to taste terrible! It was no “coincidence”
that they ALREADY had WAREHOUSES, all over the country, full of “Coke
Classic”, just waiting for the proper moment. When the expected uproar
finally came, they told the world they were returning to the original
formula, and they introduced “Coke Classic” to the cheers of millions of
formerly disappointed, Coke drinkers!
And nobody noticed they had actually pulled off an otherwise impossible
change to Coke’s “sacred” formula! For higher profits, they substituted
the cheaper, less tasty and less healthy sweetener, “High Fructose Corn
Syrup”, for the better tasting and more expensive, cane sugar. It was
truly a triumph of propaganda techniques used to manipulate public opinion
and misdirect our attention away from their actual purpose..

TheGreenAssassin says:

There once was a gaming console created by two companies, named Nintendo
and Sony. However, Nintendo didn’t have much faith in the console, and
abandoned it. Sony decided to finish the project and bring it on the market.

Name of the console? *Playstation*
Good job Nintendo, good job.

Christine Coffill says:


Mɛмɛ Ƥσℓιcɛ says:

What about Nintendo selling Rare?

Radioblood says:

Actually, New Coke should not have made this list seeing as how it was one
of the most brilliant business plans ever.

The reason for New Coke was the fact that Pepsi was actually gaining
significant ground on Coca-Cola via the “Pepsi Challenge” ad campaign of
the 1980s – people really were choosing Pepsi, and Pepsi was proving it to
people on an individual and personal basis.

In response, Coca-Cola changed their formula to taste sweeter, much like
Pepsi was and still is.

The backlash was true, yet Coca-Cola understood something that Pepsi and
the general public ignored: Negative publicity is the best kind of
attention one can get in many cases.

By tasting more like Pepsi and getting thrashed for it, Coke was able to
steal all of the attention away from Pepsi, hands down. In addition,
Coca-Cola was able to play “good Samaritan” in “changing” back to it’s
original form while further burying it’s increasingly distant competitor –
even brought the term “classic” into the game, thus appealing to both older
and younger soda drinkers who instantly forgot about Pepsi.

What Pepsi ad campaign can you remember since the “challenge” days?

Crystal Pepsi?

Exactly my point.

Coke has been king ever since and this will never change until it’s
ingredients and negative impact on human health are greatly publicized,
something which is really gaining ground about now.

But New Coke was a brilliant left – right combo that forced Pepsi to start
buying potato chips to maintain market significance.

Has anyone ever asked you, “Is Coke okay?”

No, but the same can’t be said for Pepsi. If not for a couple of stupid
fast-food chains, Pepsi wouldn’t have seen the turn of the millennium.

jon shackell says:

How about bungie turning to activision to help them build hype for destiny,
but the hype is why people hate It now.

Bob Bobert says:

Wallmart has terrible costumer service, if you ask for help, they wont help
you at all. its why i dont go to wallmart anymore.

Nicole Lekagul says:

R.I.P blockbuster :(

Jared S says:

This is just based on the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” I think. But
didn’t Xerox invent the mouse and maybe the graphical user interface, and
then just give them away to Apple.

James Copestake says:

+Danger Dolan I think you missed out on Gatorade. The inventor of Gatorade
tried to sell his product to the Coca-Cola Company but they refused. So he
partnered with the University of Florida and the rest is history.

buddyroach says:

i dont get it. cuz walmart has the worst customer service ever.

RedLightningCreation says:

Kmart stores in my area (Connecticut) are dropping like flies.

ikkas says:

What about nokia, they had a prototype vertion of a smart phone but chose
not to pursue it because their heads of managment thought that people would
use portable computers and or pc’s

amanda cabrera says:

Hard to believe you missed coke NOT buying pepsi and ….. i believe
hersheys and mars candy also had an issue as well….. 

Sean Sheppard says:

Biggest fail ever was Obama elected president

Stingy Greindger says:

YOU FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!!!! the first music industry that
taylor swift asked to listen to her REJECTED her…but big machine recordes
acepted her…who is laughing now ?

BadNews Kelly Leak says:

What about Hulk Hogan tuning down a grill company that wanted to use his
name. They turned to George Foreman next and the rest is history that cost
Hulk 400 Million dollars!

Lunar Templar says:

the Wallmart one is kinda ironic now ….

Vgpl0 says:

BTW K-mart is closing now. Forever. Lol.

BoomerangPlays II The Jailbreak KING! says:

Can I just quickly ask: what the fuck does he say at the end?

Minecraft Crazy says:

K-mart is dead 0.o

Dirty Harry says:

So FOX fucked up twice during the 70’s

Ratiosaurus says:

Am I the only one who saw “(DON’T SAY TITLES)”? ^_^

Reptilla Sun says:

God isn’t real

Russell Nielsen says:

I’m surprised you didn’t add the Ford Edsel to the list. That was the
biggest blunder ever made.

Carlos Salas says:

You forgot WWE going PG because a stupid and selfish man going on a killing
spree on his family.

That man is Chris Benoit.

Devon Blair says:

Worst decision of Frito Lay since 1969, deciding Funyuns won’t be sold in

James Revan says:

Actually I find it hard not to believe that “New Coke” was a plan. Why?
Cause when the “Coca Cola” came back it didn’t come back with the same
formula. They stopped using actual sugar and switched to the syrup which is
cheaper. Although it didn’t take long, the original Coke was gone long
enough people forgot how it tasted and were just happy it was back.

Emily Richard says:

The number one gave me chills even though I’ve seen the video like ten
times before and that’s never happened until now.

Adrian King says:

This video is the dumbest ever. DISLIKE! No company can see the future.
Hindsight is 20/20. If these businesses had perfect information about the
future, OBVIOUSLY they would have had different decisions.

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