15 Worst Toys Ever Recalled

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From sky-dancing Barbies that can cut your face open, to sticks that can gouge out your eyeballs, we count 15 dangerous and ridiculous toy ideas to get recalled en masse.
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Warning, text spoilers below!
Easy Bake Oven,
Aqua Dots,
Plush Toy Uterus,
Barbie Sky Dancers,
Lawn Darts,
Burger King Pokeballs,
Inflatable Baby Boats,
Dive Sticks,
Yo-Yo Water Balls,
CSI: Fingerprint Examination,
Toy Penguin Figures,
Spanish Barbie,
Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab


Danger Dolan says:

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Erikon14 says:

Can I go and become the founder for a new country that actually makes
children and parents use common sense? I’m tired of a toy meant for 14 year
olds that has the age label on the side of it getting recalled because a
bunch of 6 year olds choke on it. I demand a country where if you are
stupid enough to give a nuclear reactor to an 8 year old you get punished
instead of the company.

Elizabeth CORPUZ says:

I had Pixos and I would lick my hands when they got sticky from the

Phlaked Corn says:

LOL, the atomic energy lab probably was probably far safer than most of
these toys. Uranium isn’t very radioactive, if you ingested you would die
from metal poisoning, long before the radiation would do any harm. So long
as that uranium was encapsulated securely, it would not be able to cause
enough cellular damage to raise any worries.

Blame Canada says:

Who the fuck looks at toy beads and wonders “Hmm… I wonder how I can make
these into drugs?”

maya grace says:

Kids can be so damn stupid.

Krankie V says:

A lot of those injuries seem to have only been caused by stupidity and lack
of supervision. It’s unfortunate that nobody seems to accept responsibility
for their own actions anymore. If people did, we could have a lot more cool

Ordan Oath says:

Umm… This is awkward… I had an aqua-dot kit when I was 4, and I was too
lazy to get water, so I licked the dots… Now I realize why I was on the
floor… :P

Hypesnipe says:

Once I saw a MASSIVE pillow pet that read “choking hazard”. -_-

Ciaran Hufsky says:

those baby boat things made me feel horrible inside.Stupid asswipe company

Kricketot Patterson says:

Careful guys you can cut yourself on the Like and Dislike Button!

deadbutmoving says:

Nowadays kids can’t play with anything without choking, strangling, or
maiming themselves? This might be the most pathetic generation America has
ever created. And we can thank a bunch of lazy parents who don’t watch
their kids and throw lawsuits in every direction when their kids get hurt.

Lazy bureaucrats that’s what Americans have become. Nothing but a bunch of
lazy bureaucrats.

themanwiththepan says:

Those kids who suffocated on the BK pokeballs weren’t fit enough to survive
and pass their genes on.

Kaisergun says:

#14 I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of throwing weapon that looks/works
exactly like that thing.

Bannana person says:

Dude lets just face it…KIDS ARE DUMB! (i say this as a 12 year old XD)

MatrixTehGamer says:

They still have the Burger King Pokeballs at McDonalds.

bonnie the bunny says:

You think you can make me subscribe but you can but lol the Boats hahah

Elias Knutar says:

Kids are such morons!! They can’t play with anything without choking
themselves, poisoning themselves, and hurting themselves overall!! 

demypeace says:

oh shit!!i know most of those toys!! and i owned (and wanted to own) quite
a lot of those!!!!the easy beake!!!! oh my god it maded so many good

BonePells says:

Am I the only fucking one that had a Easy Bake oven when I was a kid and
KNEW how to use it safely?? Like, even as a 10 years old I knew to NOT put
my fucking fingers inside the oven while it was on, I mean WHAT THE FUCK?

Ergo smooth says:

I feel bad for the companies. There is nothing absolutely safe. blanket
could be used suffocate, (kids died before) spoon could go down the
throat,corner of bed could poke eye, etc. How can any company make anything

Aimee Getty says:

anyone know the other name for pixos, possibly only in the UK. i had it as
i was growing up and cant remember the name of them?

Brad Horton says:

did you know they are now making new sky-dancers, just disney based on
tinkerbell? No Kidding!

sean piehel says:

1 – GOD DAMN IT! I WANTED ONE OF THOSE!!!! I could have done cooler science
experiments and actually had the damn materials. DAMN IT HAND OF FATE!

Gwenn Kelty says:

Th CSI kit was amazing! But really, just get some paint to put your finger

carschmn says:

I had a Skydancer I guess I was lucky to survive. The uterus stuffed animal
is adorable. 

bell brigido says:

Oh dear, my friend has the pokeball.

Jennifer Jacobs says:

That pic at 1:50 is so photoshopped 

alucard ex says:

in regards to the Pokemon ball … the incident with these Pokemon ball
toys explains why kinder eggs are banned in america.

jesse pinkman says:

Most of these story’s are exaggerated 

Michael Zillacraft says:

For number 11 i was hit by it and im out

lauchlin yurchuk says:

the last one was the most fucked up one.

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