Best Business Ideas with High Income and low Barrier of Entry !

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Best Business Ideas in 2015

With the New Year starting, you might be looking into starting a new business. Here are the top and best business ideas in 2015. Read on to get some idea of where you can start.

1. Business Services

Companies have been cutting back on support staff and non-core business services are now being outsourced. If you are experienced in marketing, human resources, healthcare management, or other business related services, this is great news for you. If you are looking to run a small business, consider running a business-to-business service and provide the services that businesses need.

2. Testing Business

With more apps, websites, and e-commerce dominating businesses, testing services are highly desired nowadays. Help businesses realize whether or not their applications and software work by providing testing services.

3. Contracting

People are now having difficulty finding contractors, including electricians, plumbers, and painters. If you are skilled at any contracting work, you might want to consider owning a company instead of being an employee.

4. Smartphone Repair

Smartphones are a common sight everywhere nowadays. However, fixing one can be as costly as purchasing a new one. Consider starting a smartphone-repair service today.

5. Vending Machine Business

Americans are becoming more conscious of their health and time. Provide healthier alternatives within vending machines to help these people out. Start small with unique and specialized vending machines today.

6. Traveling Salon

Some people are simply unable to travel from place to place. Make it easier by going directly to customer residencies to help them with their hair or nails. This is a great business to start out with.

7. Employee-Monitoring Services

Many employees are not mobile, and the number is only increasing. Help employers keep track of what their employees are doing with monitoring services. Help to gather and analyze data so that companies can understand what they need to do in terms of payroll and billing.

8. Translator

The global marketplace has continued to grow. This means that more and more translators are needed for cross-cultural communication. Bring foreign-language experts together to help the businesses in need of translation services.

9. Mobile Consulting

Businesses want to go mobile and expand, but many of them do not know how. Help provide great mobile solutions to business through mobile consulting.

10. Freelancing

Earn money online by helping to fill in skill gaps for a variety of businesses through freelancing. This is a great way to earn money on the side.

Well there you go 10 ways to get a great business, but if you are looking for something that can make more money than all the above together, visit


angel recendez says:

I want to have a successful home based business. Especially considering
how little it costs to get one started–that is for me.

marjorie hudson says:

Thanks for these low barrier of entry work at home jobs. Great ideas.

Steve Silverstine says:

excellent video here, you share a lot of ways to make money online.

lisat3001 says:

I have done my research and this looks very solid. I will get started

Tara Willitz says:

I like this because it sounds like I can make good money working part time
with it.

stan Tuchi says:

Making money on the Internet has a very low barrier of entry. In some
cases you can even do it for free.

cyndit434 says:

I have to give it to you– your style and approach and confidence make this
very interesting.

Sinjin Ponger says:

I need money, lots of big bills coming due soon. So this sounds good to me.

cassie sanchez says:

Great ideas for making money from home.

tillman freeman says:

I want to start a business I can run from my home. You sure have a lot of
ideas here on how to do that.

Chad Binkly says:

I need a stay at home job because of a disability. These are great ideas.

Jada Spencer says:

I like what I am hearing. Sounds like you are legit and I cold learn a lot
from you.

Stefon Abrams says:

bring it on Jonathan. yu have been so successful please show me how to do
the same.

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