Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones speech (with real subtitles)

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Raka Gunawan says:

the shirt is still the same over the years, but as he has enough money, he
change from short to jeans and buy a shoe lolllll

abdulkarriem khan says:

Best marketing strategy ever!@Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones
speech (with real subtitles)

bipolardiscussions says:

I’ll never know if apple is better than competitors because they charge too
much for their shit even though it’s got the same hardware as the other

Michael Michuki says:

Think Different. Steve Jobs always knew how to spark that idea

TangyLid says:

Genius. This campaign started the Apple rise to power in the late 90s,
early 2000s. 

Damion Elson says:

Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think di…:

barbara longue says:

Are you crazy enough to want to change the world?

Germeen Adel says:

The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World, Are the
Ones Who Do.

Yukio Honda says:

Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones
speech (with real subtitles) – YouTube

Jeffrey L. Ogden says:

Agree that Think Different is a great idea by Steve Jobs. RIP Steve..

640abdalla says:

There Steve said it ”Marketing is about values” And people always say oh
well ”Apple is a marketing company” NO Apple is a company with values but
whether you like their values or not thats isn’t the point…the point is
that they have values, they stand for something and they are consistent
with their values! Thats why Apple has been hugely successful for the last
two decades! 

ItsMyTime says:

sOnly those can understand Apple who understand what the passion is

Ideart Design says:

“Marketing is about values!”

Asaad Dennis says:

Oh… So that’s where Stefan got that from… “Here’s to the War Mongers.”

Chinarut Ruangchotvit says:

watching this makes me appreciate how courageous Martin Luther King, Jr.
was to #thinkdifferent 

Lars Sang Mo Boom says:

Heeft Steve Jobs van Nike afgekeken ;-)?

tubeMonger says:

This must be after Mike Sculley was fired and Jobs hired back.

Ashari Pranatha says:

Great job that so inspired

joness141 says:

From which year is this speech?

Ahmet Can Yesildag says:


Gerardo Victor says:

Marketing is about values.

I wesrserserse says:

MIPS and Megahertz not “bits and MHz”

The term is commonly used in association with a numeric value such as
million instructions per second (MIPS)

toni markovski says:

That you need to explode your business…See HERE:

Balaji Ravi says:

Best marketing strategy ever! 

Dex Bolex says:

Think Different.

Wim Kools says:

Steve Jobs

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