Coolest Marketing Campaigns and Ideas Ever

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I always see cool, funny or just unusual marketing campaigns and I thought I’d make a slideshow of the coolest marketing ideas. One can learn a great deal about creative marketing by watching this slideshow. Some of the marketing campaigns on here are pretty wild.


Brendan Mace says:

Thanks for the video!

Tina Nichols says:
ProvenHelper says:

This is really cool!

Carlos Matos says:
Tiffany Rougé says:

Its Friday and this is making the rounds in the Gigantic Signs office.
Watching it is giving us ideas.

#getinvolved #inspiration #marketingoutsidethebox 

Revolution360 says:

These marketing ideas are quite simple, but they make a huge impact on
customer engagement.

Mohamed Baloosh says:

some are old but still awesome…

Karla Garcia says:

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Shiku Ngigi says:

Don’t jump. 🙂 That one made me aaawwww

Giovanni Verga says:

Fantastico !

Dul Kiffil says:


Signs Brisbane QLD says:

Coolest Marketing Campaigns

Anthony LaVacca says:

love it 

Karatbars Info says:


Outsourcing Worldwide says:

These marketing ideas are cool and creative, really. It is inspiring in
many ways and conveys relevant information to people. Thanks for sharing
this video! Very timely!

Peter Hathaway says:

You will love it



Shannon Fischer says:

love but the images aren’t very clear.

Fredrik Blanke says:

Hoho.. THIS is creative marketing 101.. Gotta appreciate work like this.
Watch and enjoy 🙂 #creativemarketing #marketing #advertisement Coolest
Marketing Campaigns and Ideas Ever

MabryCo says:

These marketing campaigns aren’t only cool. They’re also effective.
Marketing is always about catching the consumers’ attention and leaving a
mark on their minds. 

Sabrina Pirola says:
Glen Monks says:

Inspiration for thinking outside of the box

Sign-A-Rama Brendale says:

Coolest Marketing Campaigns

Christian Feiner says:
Duke L says:

If you #love #marketing this video is for you!

Jolene Williams says:

Wow.. THIS is creative marketing 101.. Gotta appreciate work like this.
Watch and enjoy :-)…

The Northern Footy Show says:

These are amazing !

WP List Mailer says:

Cool :)

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