Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version

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FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

As we will never return to ‘business as usual’ 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda — the film doesn’t bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

“It’s Inside Job with bells on, and a frequently compelling thesis thanks to Ashcroft’s crack team of talking heads — economists, whistleblowers and Noam Chomsky, all talking with candour and clarity.” – Total Film

“Four Horsemen is a breathtakingly composed jeremiad against the folly of Neo-classical economics and the threats it represents to all we should hold dear.”
– Harold Crooks, The Corporation (Co-Director) Surviving Progress (Co-Director/Co-Writer)

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melissa reid says:

As I head down the rabbit hole…….WOW!!

Mirza Yawar Baig says:
Very important documentary to watch and then to reflect on how we are being
manipulated as we speak. This is not some conspiracy theory. This is a film
about us and our society.

Kelly Medley says:

Lobbying needs to be made illegal. Obummer promised to do something about
lobbying, that lying pos hypocrite.

Petter Thowsen says:

Good film, but it could have gone further. Why not question money? Do we
really need a monetary system at all? Do we need a political system at all?
Why take these things for granted? Because we’ve had them for so long?

It seems to me that money itself (more accurately, the monetary-market
system) is no longer relevant and serves only to hinder progress and human
well-being. We have outgrown its usefulness.

Investigate The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project! :)

Alana Lee says:

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse –
The Age of Decadence is Now

Whilst one Drink the Most Purest of Wine,
and Dine having the most Extravagant of
Time …

Another has to Starve and Not Have a Dime …
No money … You hear them say …

Please Sir…I Beg You …I’m Hungry …
Another Day

Who Chooses, Who makes the Rules … Now look closely, for there lies the
Fool … Temporal gain
Yet Everlasting Shame

But even so …Create your World …Live your Life
But Don’t Lose your Soul

All is not as it seems … Transcend and Grow

Tomorrow comes when you Let Go …

Nebulous1982 says:

I S L A M I C A [Epic Mega Documentary]

Richard Fitt says:

*”The crises we face today, are created by humans. And what can be created
by humans, can be changed by humans. So, we are all capable of transforming
our world.” – Satish Kumar*

Game on!

Gino diFonzo says:

*”The fact is most people think that what a bank does, is lend you money
that someone else has put in the bank previously. But what a bank actually
does – what a commercial bank does – is to create money, from nothing, and
then lend it to you at interest. If I do that, if I manufacture money in
my own home, it’s called counterfeiting. If an accountant creates money
out of nothing in the company account, it’s called cooking the books. But
if a bank does it, it’s perfectly legal. And, so long as you allow fraud
to be legalized, then all kinds of problems are going to pop up in the
economic system that you can’t do anything about.”* *- excerpted from the

MORE1500 says:

I agree with most of the conclusions but going back to the gold standard is
not the answer. Wealth is still an abstraction.

Theodor Tonca says:

Just finished watching #FourHorsemen documentary
kudos to @RossAshcroft for making it #weareallrenegadeeconomists

Dr. Lourdes Sylvestre says:

My question is this. Why don’t we teach this issues to High School Students?
No, we teach them algebra which probably they would never use, unless if
they go into a few professions. We teach them a few other subjects which
are totally useless on every day survival. High School graduates do not
know how to apply for a credit card, they have no idea what are they
getting into when they do. They have no clue what a mortgage represents, or
what all that paper work they are signing means. The same happens when they
buy a new car which depreciate tremendously as soon as they hit the street
with it etc.
In other words we have been raising a Nation of illiterate people, and now
we are paying for it. I taught for 25 years and each time I raised my
voice about this problem, I was told that I was “too controversial.”
If we want to save this nation we need to start at the bottom with the
School System and the bureaucrats, for example make Economics a required
class for Graduation, Additionally, we should work from the top: The very
rich, the corporations, the banks and the politicians. Additionally, we
need to go back to money back up by gold and silver.

Ernest A. Pérez L. says:

Kelly, you’re not a bad guy in spite of your black hat, you’re just an
ignorant sonofabitch.
Do this for me and for yourself.
Watch “Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version” and see how
your Central Bank, the FED is robbing you and has been for the past hundred
If you understand this video everything will become clear to you, that I
promise you.
All the rest is penny ante shit, your bitching about penny’s when these
mother fuckers are stealing trillions of dollars that the American tax
payer is paying for an will be for generations.
If you don’t understand the FED you don’t understand shit cowboy.
Call me what you want but watch this video.
As someone who loves his country I beg you to do it.
Don’t tell me shit before you do that.

Richard Davis says:

I think that people who are unable to understand the terms of contracts
would do well not to enter into contractual agreements. Reading is
fun….and informative.

Rick ZW says:

Was an interseting view until the marxist chompsky put his ugly opinion in

TheMabes69 says:

what do all of the people @ 1:17:43 have in common, hmmmmm….starts with a

CaliforniaArchitect says:

Interesting movie, but only half true. We are not running out of natural
resources. They’ve been screaming about that all way the way back since
Malthus. Just isn’t true. Secondly, the current economic system isn’t
capitalism. It is a form of fascism in which major corporations work with
the government to get an unfair advantage. Get rid of that, but don’t blame
it on capitalism. Finally, capitalism has helped to raise more people out
of poverty than any other economic system throughout history. That’s a
little tidbit of history this biased movie left out.

JAY OH says:

America has turned into in a third world country is that the message of
this film ?

TheSommersonnenwende says:

It makes me happy that so many people have watched it allready
The german version is seen only 3500 times until now!
Now it will be my job again to push it into “some” more german brains. LOL

Vittorio Saldi says:

Anyone know any good blogs or communities where we can actually discuss
this ? I am interested and would like to discuss pros and cons ? whereas
YOU TUBE is not really the sphere where a civil discussion can take place. 

Bhavandeep Singh says:

Man is incapable of mass empathy. Fear and Greed win at the end of the day.

thedownhillerboy says:

This documentary gave the chills,due to its excellent capture of all the
reasons and factors that long have been making our life quality ever more
miserable and above all unfair for every human being on our wonderfully
beautiful planet Earth,specially the ones that live in the so called under
developed 3rd world countries…
Respect and admiration from a Portuguese downhiller emigrant in Holland,
to all the ones involved in the making of it, like the producers as well as
the invited personalities. I will definitely share this documentary,cuz
that’s the only one thing that every person who watches it can do in order
to see if we start having improvements towards a just and fair way of
living for each and every citizen in the world.

Soff1859 says:

I watched the first 17 minutes now and have to say that it is simply not
true. Even though we haven’t completely eradicated poverty yet. We are
actually on the way of doing so, and very effectively. In China in the last
30 or 40 years alone some 600 million people have gotten out of extreme
poverty and to the middle class.
The whole film seems to be based on the idea that the rich are getting
richer and the poor are getting poorer. And that is just false! Standard of
living, life expectancy, access to education and average income have
increased continuously since WW2 everywhere on the world, except for North
Korea and a few constant warzones.
I’m still going to continue watching and hope that there are some other
points made in this film, that might actually be based on reality and

Tony P says:

This is nothing more than a elected officials sanctioned Ponzi scheme,
and when it blows up, the rifles are going to come out of the closet
,bankers politicians the inhabitants in wealthy enclaves will not be able
to escape their slaughter the Purveyors of propaganda CBS, NBC, CNN ABC FOX
MSNBC will not be exempt from the fate , People are very very angry and
are not listening and they are not communicating mobilization on the
known governments watched communication channels such as twitter Facebook
youtube etc. etc. The turn in your weapons to lower crime propaganda
???, the fact that people have run planes into government buildings and
have shot at the edifices of government buildings and are robbing banks at
higher numbers, these social ills are being done by people who appear to be
ordinary and have no history violent mental illness for the most part,
these increasing anomalys are a direct barometer of total societal and
systematic destruction aka the fall of civilizations.

Krister Andersson says:

Simple the World suffers from islamism and general stupidity.

ra bA says:

well the way he talks about gold bitcoin could do the same thing.

Fiona Mia says:

*Right now, we are in the position to go to the best or worst place
possible → Read ~~The Present~~ at TruthContest◙Com and make your choice.*

Johnny Charles says:

LMFAO this is total bs. It starts out strong, then you realized it’s
socialist propaganda and doesn’t make any logical sense about 30 mins in.

Ernest A. Pérez L. says:

The Glass Steagal Act repealed by one of the biggest drug runners in
American history.
Oh and I voted for the sonofabitch and for many years I thought that he was
the cat’s meow.
However, since I’ve learned about Mena, Arkansas during his days as
Governor and the two boys tied to the rails after watching a drug drop.
All our protctions as investors were dismantaled by a very corrupt DC.

James Jr says:

#FourHorsemen … #Economics

Monib Syed says:

WOW.. 4 horsemen or raiders of our almost lost planet ..founf it truly
insightful and worth watching with eyes wide open, Kudos n many thanks to
Ashcroft and team for brilliant award winning doc.

NoneYa says:

“All experience has shown that, mankind is more disposed to suffer- while
evils are sufferable- than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to
which they are accustomed.
Declaration of Independence
As long as it is someone else who is experiencing injustice, it’s just
easier to watch Duck Dynasty. When it happens to you or someone that you
care about, you ask “why isn’t someone speaking up about this?”
Speak now.

Brett B says:

Some interesting ideas; but how do we change things with democracy when
every candidate is bought and paid for long before we mark the meaningless
ballot? I think the present administration in the US proves this point so
very well: what happened to Hope and Change? What happened to Yes We Can?
Bought and paid for, all of them.

Francine Dozois says:

It is IMPERATIVE for EVERYONE to see this film. If we don’t understand
the system we are living in, then, we are not only BLIND… but BLINDED TO

John Paul Sialafau says:

America’s downfall happened when rappers started wearing skinny jeans.

Damian Kwasniak says:

yeah its fun to put a blame on the rich and put a finger on corporations,
but lets face it no one has put a gun to your face to take loans out you
can’t afford because you have made a big financial mistake.And you might
say, ” well people have to eat” and blah blah blah, but the truth of the
matter is that poor people are as greedy as the people on top. People who
bitch about the stock market and the big corporations are the biggest
supporters. The people who protested in the “Let’s occupy Wall Street” wore
logo’s that represent those who they were against like Pepsi, Apple, Jordan
shoes and Gucci etc. This video shows on who to blame and bankers are evil
and bonus this and bonus that, but the general public are the one’s to
blame for this. The reason why this video is a failure and many like them
is that it provides problems and no real solutions and criticizes the
have’s and makes the have nots the victims. 

Sky zoophone channel says:

ruled by corporation? Go and watch the definition of fascism, Is that funny
after having strife so hard against all that was seen as communist.
That’s the true nature of our society and it has always be like that. If
your not conviced, there are lots of prouves.., an easy one: watch the
movie “haven’s gate” by micheal Cimino, for exmple! And by the way why
putting at the begining of the film “illuminati’ and the salomon 1 dollar
pyramid? “The 4 Freeman horses” that the title!

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