Future of Ajmer City, Idea by Genius Techs “Ajmercity.in”

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This is a video created by Genius Techs as how the Ajmer City will look like when it will be made Smart, as India’s PM Mr. NARENDRA MODI has declared this city to be made smart in near future and allocated this work to Mr. Barack Obama.
Genius Techs has contributed to make Ajmer City smart by developing an online portal for ajmerities, www.ajmercity.in


piyush kawdia says:

Genius idea by Genius people…. Really appreciated 🙂 

Gaurav Gupta says:

very nice video, superb work….

Mangal Thakur says:

very nice video i really appreciate the work done in the video

Genius Technologies says:

Guys, can you imagine when your Ajmer City will be made smart, please have
a look to this video.

Prashant Sharma says:

Wow… seems like there’s gonna be a transformation in Ajmer city by you
guys with “genius” ideas.

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