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Close If you’re looking for good ideas for your next presentation, please take a look at VIDOONS. We create hand drawn cartoon animations which bring your messages to life. You can drop these video files straight into your next PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.
We also create stand-alone videos which you can post on your website or on YouTube. There isn’t a word for this product, so we’ve invented one; VIDOONS!
What Our Clients Are Saying.
“The presentation went really well. The VIDOONS looked great and were very well received. The caricatures, in particular, raised a chuckle! Many thanks for all your help” Clifford Chance.
“The VIDOONS enabled us to communicate complex subjects much more effectively through humour and the power of images. To see people’s faces light up with interest created by the animations was really satisfying” University of Kent, Kent Business School.
“Great images which really engaged and enchanted our audience. It’s nice to work with a company which puts so much effort and imagination into what it does”. London Philharmonic Orchestra.
If you’re looking for unique presentation ideas, PowerPoint animations, cool Prezi ideas, or creative PowerPoint ideas, then check out VIDOONS for your next business presentation. Video cartoon animations and illustrations turned into slides for professional presentations!


Abdul-Jabbar Obaid says:

really !
I gotta see thank U teacher it was such an amazing video just could you
please give me a good tricks to start me presentation and having all the
audience attention ….plzz plzz

AnGeLiCa Itao says:

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4/1/13 Presentations can make or break a company, This is very informative
great idea for people like me, Hey the more you know the more you grow.

MrGluey666 says:

Wonderful : )

Maria S. says:

It’s great! But what do you use to make these cool animations?

Adriel Manilall says:


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