How to give great presentations. An alternative to PowerPoint, Bullet Points, boring presentations

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Created by Matthew Kostanecki @mattkostan using PowToon –

To make a great presentation, you want to tell a story and hopefully teach people something new. Powtoon helps with the speaking experience and definitely makes your marketing presentations more memorable. Everyone expects boring old power point slides, this is a sure-fire way to wake them up and make them take notice!

How To give a great presentation? @mattkostan created this PowToon to show how you can use animated presentations for your business presentations, marketing materials and live audience presentations.

Thanks @mattkostan

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Raghad Sous says:

Oooh yeah that’s what i Need right now ! 

Alex Calderon says:
joefrey tacda says:

this is awesome..

Liz Cumby says:

Where did you get your statistics from? Just wondering if you have sources?

oscar garza says:

hola todo, aquellos que disfrutas siendo creativos a qui tienen una buena
forma para poder, ser creativos, me gusta mucho.

bhutanlhayul says:

ha ha…. i like that … “take a bullet ..”

Sarah The Gymnast says:

lol. Bullets don’t kill. Bullet points do! LOL

oscar garza says:


Freeman Cheng says:


Sent Theva says:

This definitely deserves more views!

Cindy says:

Thks ! Powtoon is an interesting tool. I’ve been using EWC Presenter which
is also a great one to create nice presentation.

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