Own Your Own Business? 6 Top Small Business Ideas 4 More Profit

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http://360businessreviews.com If you own your own business this video will show you the top 6 small business ideas for getting more customers and profit in your business. Owning a small business is a lot harder today than it used to be when it comes to small business marketing.

Newspaper advertising or print advertising used to work but is now dead. Radio advertising or coupons is about the same. Groupon takes 75% of the money for placing the ad with them. Same with Living Social.

So what do you do to make more money in your business?

My top 6 small business tips as listed in the video are all services that we provide. They are as follows:
1. Work on your company branding or logo if you don’t have a good marketing strategy in place.
2. Get a Good Looking Website that is professional and search engine optimized (SEO Friendly) Check references for your web designer by going to http://alexa.com to see back links for clients etc.
3. Get Your Own Small Business Video Commercial or Virtual Tour for your business immediately. Google owns Youtube and WANTS to rank a website with a video. Video marketing works and now is the time
4. Submit your website to the top local business directories such as Google Plus, Yelp, Yahoo local, Bing Local, Yp.com, Foursquare, super pages etc by using Moz.com for only $49 a year or for better results use Yext at http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-7560883-11283709, UBL or call us for a free report on your SEO rankings
5. If you own a retail location of any kind, I encourage you to start your own customer loyalty program. Try Spoton at the following link or Belly as the two leading customer rewards programs. https://hotspot.spoton.com/signup/?agent=54076e8462f04a152d4e788a Contact us for more information on what will work best for you.
6. Lastly, of all the great small business marketing tips out there, very few ever talk about the benefits of a barter exchange for a small business. ITEX is the nations leading barter exchange with over 25K members in North America. ITEX is basically a trade exchange that allows its members to trade goods and services for a small transaction fee and it’s a great concept! I recently started building a franchise in Birmingham AL for ITEX and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

I hope these small business marketing ideas have given you some business tips you can use in your company. Visit us online as http://360businessreviews.com or http://360smallbusinessmarketing.com for more info


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Mark Hunter says:

Great ideas & information. I’m interested in opening a cellular store &
want your advice.

Mark Hunter says:

Great ideas & information. I’m interested in opening a cellular store &
want your advice.

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