Running Late Hairstyles

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These easy hairstyles are perfect for when you are running late.

All you will need to complete these looks are:

– bobby pins
– hair elastics
– hairspray
– teasing brush
– hair donut

Love you!


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Eloise Wilderspin says:

Is it just me or does your hair never look as good as hers? Mine doesn’t…

crazyYTgal123 says:

i dont know about you guys, but any hair styles takes me more than 10 min
to do…..

GEM FERG says:

Ugh her hair is so perfect in the mornings!!!!!!

North Maan says:

I think this video is a hoax, in real life no one wake up with curled hair
like yours in this one. So it was useless…..

Cindy Patricia Abella says:

When I wake up, I have the same curly hair like her if mine was put up in a
bun before bedtime.

Stuti Bhatt says:

I liked it but only the last one

Fayth Sky says:

If your hair looks this beautiful when you wake up you don’t need to do any
hairstyle :3 but i love the first one (: 

King Carlitoz says:

Im not gey or anything but sometimes I do my Moms hair so this kinda gives
me ideas

Victoria Swift says:

Can you please do a side swept bang?

Bria Sims says:

9 months and I still have not found the song 

Eruera Toia says:

your so beautiful thanks for the awsome hairstyles they really helped me
out your the best.

Rebekah Kincannon says:

I’m doing number 2 and I hope I do it so well that will be my April fools
day joke on my friends tomorrow maybe

Akshita Rajiv says:

i <3 ur hair colour !!! and the style !!

Fatima J says:

I liked the 1st one :)

LouisePalette says:

Amazing hair :D

I am Katerina says:

Mimi you are such a big hairstyle inspiration for me ;)

Zac Trejo says:

Sooooooooo helpful, how come these people get the ideas but not us?

slock pun says:

Seriously!!This is your so called “running late hairstyles”??!Even my
everyday hairstyle doesn’t t take this much time

Sally Mccabe says:

It must be nice to be that gorgeous!! Any hair style would look amazing :)

Alishia Rane says:

Wow…. finally. minute hairstyles that literally take a minute to
accomplish! It’s like you know my heart girl. Always going from the snooze
to the wardrobe to the mirror for a brush through and out the door. so this
was just what i needed to add a little something to my work look thanks so
much!! If you can do more like these i will be eternally grateful.

Mariam Nino says:

The third one I have done it it’s the same but I don’t do it like that

Unique Rawrr says:

Are you from Russia?

Kiara Ziemba Artistry says:

Running Late Hairstyles:

Kaylee Sheppard says:

+Luxy Hair your hair is gorgeous!

Andrea Kivilaakso says:

I love all the hairstyles! They’re beautiful ❤️

sakina hitsugaya says:

How do your curls to stay beautiful in the morning ? I want your secret :'(

Jiya Sharma says:

This obvious a hoax cuz she cannot do a video if she was running late

Laura Rodriguez says:

I disliked this video because you failed to show the front part of all the
hairstyles besides the bun which was my least favorite. People usually see
you from the front. So next time show the hairstyles from both angles.

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