Simple Business Ideas to Make a Change in Your Life

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Simple Business Ideas to Make a Change in Your Life

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work from home? Are you up for a change in your life? Being able to work from home is like a faraway dream to some of us. With some simple business ideas you could realize this vision of no boss, working on your own schedule and all the money you earn goes towards you, your family, and making your dreams come true. How often have you awakened in the morning and wished that you didn’t have to go face the morning commute?

Maybe you have become a victim of the economic downturn that plagues most of the world and you are already at home with nothing to do for money. If you had simple business ideas perhaps you could change your life and see the future a lot brighter than you do right now.

I understand this feeling of wanting to take control of your life and wanting more than this economy is able to afford me. I have been an employee under the constraints of a boss and a salary, commuting every day to work in a cookie cutter cubicle. Limited in the amount of money I was able to make and working harder however many hours it took to get the job done. I had not yet heard these simple business ideas that would change my life.

I want to share with you some simple business ideas I discovered that changed my life completely. I have walked the road of being an entrepreneur, I owned a dance studio and had my own business selling or sharing a nutritional supplement through MLM or Multi Level Marketing. I loved my dance studio and ran it until I had children that took up most of my time but I did not love my MLM business. You see, I did not know the three simple business ideas that would change the way I ran a business.

The first of these simple business ideas is the law of large numbers. I did not know this on my first trip through MLM, that in order to really make something of an MLM business you have to be able to connect with a lot of people. In this way you are able to find the prospects that are truly interested in your company. This business is not for everyone and you have to find the ones that are dead serious about working from home. The law of large numbers states that if you connect with enough people you will uncover the ones that are just right for what you have to offer.

Just how are you going to find that many people? The second of our simple business ideas tells us that we need to leverage the power of a marketing system. By doing this not only can we connect with a large selection of people, we can also sort and sift through these prospects to find just the right ones for our business. To do this I use an internet marketing company that has up to date tools and training called MyLeadSystemPro. Not only has this been invaluable to stay current on internet marketing trends but my team can use it themselves making it a completely duplicable system. After all, the internet has thousands and thousands of people searching for just what you have to offer.

And the third and last of the simple business ideas is the type of MLM company you choose to work with. I learned selling my nutritional products that while it was a great line and I loved using it I only made a few dollars on each sale. This was with a traditional MLM, now I work only with top tier MLM companies. This new model of top tier means that I get paid the most on the work I do today. I still create a passive residual income leveraging work of the others on my team but the majority of the money is paid to me on my first level. Also, the cost of the products are much higher, therefore I get paid between $1,000.00 and $9,000.00 per sale. Now it feels like a business!

So now what will you do? Will you continue to live in the doldrums, fighting traffic day after day, working hard for someone else’s dream? Can you see that by using these simple business ideas you can rise above the economic hardships you face and create a lucrative and successful business from your home? Click on the link above, leave your name and email in the box on that page for more simple business ideas.


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