The 10k business Ideas To Avoid and Why! Plus The 10k Business That Has Leverage

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Close – looking for a 10k business idea? Well let’s roll
through some options for you. By the end of this video and description you will know
what to expect when you invest in a 10k business.

A 10k business startup is not a lot of money to invest really. When you consider a
franchise business can be anywhere between $100,000 to $2,000,000 a 10k business is
short change really isn’t it?

So what options are available for a 10k business?

Well let’s have a look at some options. You have a dog cleaning business you can start
for under 10k. You know the ones, they have those big ugly trailors the business
owner tows around and you go to people’s houses to clean their dog.

Another 10k business is a gardening business. Again you carry around a big ugly work
trailor and go to people’s houses during the day and maintain their garden, mow grass,
trim the weeds, water plants and make the place look nice and respectable.

The positive side of a 10k business like these two is you get to be your own boss. That’s
about all there is really. The downside is there is no leverage to a business like this.
If you don’t turn up to work, you don’t get paid, period.

So is there a 10k business that offers leverage?

Absolutely, it comes in the form of a home based business. You can invest in a 10k
business that offers you passive income. That is money that drips into your account
whether you work or not.

With a 10k business like a home based business you build a quality asset not a job like
the two examples I gave before.

Not only that but a good home based business company will work with you to train you
into becoming a business leader who can build teams, when you can build teams you can
work towards setting yourself financially free.

Another downside of a 10k business like the ones I described earlier is that they are
very lonely. You work by yourself and for yourself. You are the one man band
and it can get pretty tiring and unexciting.

With a 10k business like top tier home based business you get to develop leadership
skills and learn how to work with people. You get to have great conversations with
people daily and you build solid long term business parnterships. You don’t get
that with the other two either.

Not only that but with a 10k business like a gardner or a dog cleaner some of those
franchis opportunities can cost way more than 10k. I’ve seen them as high as
$50k so be careful.

A 10k business like a home based business is the smart choice for a person who
is great with people, wants to develop themselves into becoming a leader and wants
to build a long term asset with passive, residual income.

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