The All Time Best Social Entrepreneurship Franchise Business Basket Idea Ever

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The ides is about sort of getting started at the very least with a handful of products/services in the business of producing everything as co-op nonprofit business entities in a socially conscious way, the foundation of which is an interest free credit module built on top of zero balance barter club accounts. Let me get into a bit of detail about the interest free credit. How we enable this feature is by giving the central corporate barter account the ability to have a negative balance and this is how we push positive spendable currency into the barter account of select clients. These clients depending on franchisees’ area of interest/expertese can be retired or disabled individuals currently existing as tax liability, undereducated unemployed individuals, individuals with accute or chronic health concerns, those that have gone through some sort of natural disaster experience and need assistance to get back on their own two feet and entrepreneurs in need of funds for business development.
So far you have learned that one of the businesses in the franchise businesses’ basket is the barter club with interest free credit facilities (CredonCentral.Com). Now let me introduce you to the next important business, opperating as a crucially active node producing every immaginable product /goods and providing services related to them. This business has been named ConstRobotics.Com this is because all things whether naturally occurring or artificially built always have a design suitable for a specific task or specific set of tasks. This is why we consider everthing robots some are naturally occurring even biologically based and even sometimes very inteligent.
The rest of the businesses are just as important for a human civilization to thrive, grow and reach its goals; but if I were to get into details of each of them then I would have to write a 1000 page book. But I will give you the web address to one of them ( which contains links to 12 of the top notch enterprise level businesses that will not only provide for life’s necessities of the franchisor (us) and the franchisees (our extended family of individuals who embraced and invested in our idea) but also will deliver globally recognized best brand for quality of material and workmanship as well as sporting tightly and invisibly fully integrated set of environmental and social aspirations that will not be matched.
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