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Cutest and best gender reveal video ever! We combined a bunch of cute ideas into one to make this unique video. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to follow us on this pregnancy journey!
Hope you guys thought this was a cute gender reveal much love!
Myka xxx

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My name is Myka and I am a 27 year old mother to 2 beautiful little girls and married to the man of my dreams. I am currently pregnant with our 3rd child and sharing with the world my pregnancy updates from the very beginning, live pregnancy test to the day our baby is born! I also share mommy advice and makeup tips and tutorials for special occasions or everyday fun! Best way to show your support is to subscribe to my channels and social media! Would love to hear from everyone 🙂 Best gender reveal video ever!


Myka Stauffer says:

Thumbs up if you thought this reveal video was awesome!

FitMommy4Life says:

AHHHHHH I knew it I knew it I knew it!! a freaking little BOY!!!!!! He is
gonna be such a loved little stud muffin!!!!!! And seriously that was the
absolute cutest gender reveal video!!! Also, I’m quite proud of myself for
not skipping ahead just to find out! The suspense was killing me! haha!
YAY!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!!

MayMommy2011 says:

Congrats! Very cute video! 

Myka Stauffer says:

Cutest Gender Reveal video ever! #pregnancy #boyorgirl #pregnant
#reveal #genderreveal 

ErinandBaby says:

AHHHH! Yay! Congrats you guys. :)

Luzzyluz21 says:


Farrah Rangel says:

Omg im so happy for you !!!!! :-)

Valerie Browne says:

fantastic – he will be spoilt by his two big sisters – and mam and dad of
course xo

Carressa's Lifestyle & Beauty says:

I can’t believe all the gender predictions were right! Congrats! 

liv m. says:

Congrats Myka and Jim

Vanessa Martin says:

Omg! That was adorable and creative!!! I knew it was a boy! YAY!!! I’m so
excited for you guys! My sister, Michelle Vandal (who also watches your
videos), just found out she’s having a boy too and I was also right about
that :)

Kayla Rose says:

Aww this was so cute you guys were right about it being a boy ❤️❤️♥️

Just Jess says:

Awesome reveal video!!

retwv tr Ktre says:

Oh I am happy!:)))) u have 2 girls, right? Daddy must be happy:)

Stitts Bits says:

Mamas intuition was right! Congrats!!

Courtney Jones says:

So happy for you! Boys are so much fun you will love it!

Tiffany Sanchez says:

the best video!!!!! ♡♡♡ congrats!!!

Ali Byrd says:

I really thought it was a girl! Congratulations!!!

lyann1213 says:

how funny that the old wives tales that you did turned out to be right

TheAnglinFamily says:

Cutest video! Congrats! And Myka, you look gorgeous in that dress;) so
excited for you guys! 

Suzanne Arthurs says:

That was one of the best gender reveals I’ve seen!!! Awesome job on it! And
I KNEW it was a boy woohoo :D. Can’t wait for the name reveal video :D

Melissa Singh says:

Congrats 🙂 

Kelly-Ann Vincent says:

i thought you was having a boy due to how sick you was your symptoms i was
the same with my not so little boy. x

Aimée Murphy says:

Congratulations!! Such a cute video

MissMeSings says:

Congratulations! Super excited for you, Jim and the girls!

Patricia Droddy says:

Congratulations ! That’s awesome and wonderful !

ChelleCat says:

You’re having a little boy! Congrats! My due date is 9/30 and we are hoping
to find out the gender by the end of this week!

Immy Paige says:


PurplePandaGalaxy says:

congrats 🙂 very creative !

kaia bradley says:

Ommmmggggg!!!!! Congrats! 

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