The best Prezi presentation ever!

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When the CEO’s presentation is approaching or a company’s event is occurring, and if you think power point is boring…
Take a look at our Prezi presentation abilities, it’s worth zoom-in for.

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metatronLTD says:

Thank you all!
With your help we got our prezi experts badge from Prezi.
You’re all part of it.

Samantha says:

This is really fresh, fantastic & fun!

metatronLTD says:

Thank you!

metatronLTD says:

Thank you all. It wasn’t possible without you (obviously..)

Drummer Rock says:

seems like ill be using prezi for my next presentation after watching this

Jason Ackerly says:

Music? Im doing a prezi and i want the music too :P

Jang Wook LEE says:

I want to know BGM. What’s this?

Alfesh Zuber says:

nice presentation 🙂 and nice song what is the name of the song 

Daniel Oh says:

Wow!! This is really great! I’m very new to Prezi. How long did it take to
make this presentation?

sonygoup says:

What application did you use to do this?

Londiniam says:

oh wow! that’s how you do it!
Do you have also tutorials to create something like that?

Max#24Fc says:

at the start i was like.. is my sound on? :)

Caile Spear says:

My students want to use Prezi for a media project. How did you keep the
audio and autoplay together when you uploaded it to YouTube? Would you
direct me to a training document?

KoolKemi says:

how do you have such good quality when you zoom in

yasmeen yehia says:


Cavaliere Bianco says:

so so excellent.. very good nice


Muy buena la presentación en Prezi

Angel DeRue says:

It’s certainly a different way to present information but I’d have to agree
with one blogger’s comment that all of the zooming and spinning can make
people dizzy or cause headaches! These effects should be used minimally
when using Prezi for a business presentation or you might turn people off
to your ideas before they even know what your ideas are!

Aaron Apolskis says:

what other technology you use to build that?
a lot of flash mainly?
it is awesome

Sukhaimy Imy says:

what the name of template us

Knorx Thieus says:

Nice prezi! Where is the music from? :)

Eric Beltran says:

wow very nice! :)

Gustavo Medina says:

The best Prezi presentation ever!:

P Chandler says:

Whoa! I Love this! What a way to innovate a basic presentation tool. MS
isn’t the Only Way! Monopolies spread greed! Besides, B. Gates “code” was
stolen! Prezi Inc. Innovators for the 21st Century gets My VOTE

Joy CAI says:


anj ungriano says:

how did you do 0:47? sorry prezi’s newbie lol

Melanie Chan says:

Which template did you use? How did you create such an awesome

rosa cribillero says:


ZombieDominatorsFK says:

Amazing! well made. Congrats with 2.000.000 views!

Jill S says:

Its the best thing EVER 

Paulo puloar says:
Egyhl Blue says:

HAHA How did this happen?!? The presentation was cool. Whoaa! O_o How can I
make something like this? HAHAHA, it’s pretty awesome. My imagination can’t
even reach half of the presentation HAHAHA. My Bad 😀 😀 :D

Eng Richard Balboa says:

Prezi sucks, it’s more powerful power point.

Esteban Andrés Garagorri says:

Woow I love this presentation. One question, I would like to insert a
building, in its window a whiteboard and in the whiteboard I would like to
write a text. It is like the effect you did in the buiding of the
presentation. How can I do it??

Thank yo very much. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kinds Regards

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