top 10 best commercials of all time

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my favorite commercials of all time


Marv DE says:

“What are you sinking about ?”
I love it !!!

TheAngelAbandoned says:


Junkers789 says:

Royco Cup a Soup is the best commercial ever conceived by the human species
or any other living being in our Universe. Ever.

Jess T says:

+Dat Polarbear omg clare number 3 tho :’)

Stan Mitchell says:

I think his guy confused the word “best” with “Shitty”, he meant: top 10
“shitty” commercials of all time. Study more english dude!

Juliano R. says:

Please does anybody remember a commercial from the early 2000 that is
about a drink and has german music…I think the drink had two horses or
two lions looking each other..

Workout Plans says:



hahaha.. The German *sinker* is the best =D

dolan dak says:

wtf is wrong with ikea? every commercial they made is fucked up

cipnr korvo says:

most of them are heavy american humor. not so funny. but the discovery
channel boom de yada song is nice!

Epicfartofdoom says:

#3 I knew he wasn’t talking about sex, i just knew it. I knew that that
would be the whole joke, to let people think it’s about sex but actually
about something (totally) different. Just didn’t know what it could be…
Until i saw it of course.

Riley E. G. says:

you’re not you when you’re hungry…

dec011984 says:

crushed aspect ratio, shitty sound quality and s***load of annotations …

Connor Gregory says:

love num 5 and num 6 got me thinking

Hana Walsh says:

I don’t even know what to say… #9 though. lol

Stanciu Alexandru says:

I love the whole World.

William Noturbuisness says:

The first one has Cyrus from Nikita =D

Sle ust says:

anyone might know, what’s the song of #4 called?

Sergio Gutierrez says:

wow #2 was awsome and so far 3 is my fav

robyrobyroby12345 says:

Wow I didn’t even make it past a minute.

konstantinos konstant. says:

Well let’s see…
No 10: a half naked , muscled, black guy
No 8: many macho football guys
No 7: a half naked, muscled, black guy
No 6: a half naked white guy
No 5: unifromed, german speaking, coast guards guys
No 4 : Two male astronauts looking together at the beauty of earth, singing
a cheesy song
No 2 : A vibrator
No 1: Many men with no pants, singing “i wear no pants”

I am pretty sure there are a million other ways for someone to come out of
the closet. But i guess a youtube video is as good as any.

Matt Nemmers says:

All of those…and #1…..REALLY?

Kanamesamasqueen says:

#3 had me thinking he was talking about sex, then the Call of Duty logo
showed up….FUCK!!!!

brianna lawson says:

#3 was the best ;D

Alan Cole says:

where’s the banned skittles advert?

Ákos Barnóczky says:

No!!! There are not the top 10 commertials all the time, there are the
creepiest commertionals all the time for people who sense of no taste or
who has redneck humor.

Narry Storan says:

the only commercial that i don’t get annoyed when it comes on is jake from
state farm

MisiuLesiu says:

Why you didn’t say it was a very subjective rating? The number 1 wast the
worst in my opinion. And you are a psycho-fan of Old Spice ads. Or the
afroamericans starring there :P

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