Top 10 Movie Geniuses

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Their brainpower is immense… Even if their social skills are lacking. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movie geniuses. Special thanks to our users killer_penguin88, Jon Ellison, gamingtyphon, john.tonderys, PyroLegz91 and novartus for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at ­čÖé

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Luke Becka says:

John Nash, A beautiful mind c:´╗┐

Mike M says:

Hannibal is an “honourable mention?” Dear God.´╗┐

Jay Amin says:

how about “A beautiful mind”? not even a honorable mention´╗┐

Hifaz Hamza says:

How did you miss John Nash from `A beautiful mind` ,Ben Campbell (Jim
Sturgess) from the movie `21`. and ÔÇÄBenedict Cumberbatch from `The
imitation game`. Too bad WatchMojo, too bad!´╗┐

newbiekiller1999 says:

escaping genius: Andy Dufresne (the shawshank redemption) ´╗┐

yuki uchiwa says:

god the first one isn’t even genius just nerd´╗┐ says:

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ZamfirChannel says:

if men are such geniuses, why couldn’t the directors of all these movies be
smart enough to know that some geniuses can be women too. notice all these
were men.´╗┐

Daniel Medrano says:

This wasn’t a good list. John Nash, Josh Waitskin, Harry and Loyd. Come on
Mojo. ´╗┐

Social Sketch says:

The two honorable mentions should have been the top 2, limitless at 2. ´╗┐

Manu Das says:


Carlo Santini says:

and Doc Emmett Brown? He should be one of the top 2 or 3.´╗┐

akhenatten says:

Enjoyed the list. It’s been years since I last saw Pi, and now the
nightmares will begin again…thanks a lot!´╗┐

specialdefect says:

Mozart from the movie Amadeus doesn’t even get an honorable mention as a
musical genius… Pathetic. But thank goodness finding Forrester is both on
the list AND an honorable mention! ´╗┐

chelseagarber says:

Are there no movies about female geniuses?´╗┐

bax323 says:

Where’s Tony Stark?´╗┐

maddymat says:

Should have been 1. Sherlock 2. Stark 3. Rain man 4. Hannibal 5. Prof
X/Beast … especially if your only considering math and science geniuses.
Theres a lot better geniuses if you consider other areas´╗┐

Nana Aforo says:

Rain man was based on a real person!!!!´╗┐

buhoi andrei says:

May i ask … where the f*ck is Michael Scofield ???!!!´╗┐

Swaglordzz says:

Wolf of Wall Street…. Leo money making genius…. Wot else do ya need´╗┐

Joseph Sadler says:

Doc brown!?´╗┐

Roachan says:

And i was hoping to find a good movie to watch. (Moves on to the next

Chris Kinyua says:

Tripp from Flypaper (2011)´╗┐

cfa1998 says: Movie Genius´╗┐

Brian Ashley says:

I watched more. No fucking kidding Mojo is the most unlearned group of
people ever! I commented on their videos before. Mojo does not know how to
research what words mean! ´╗┐

Rubensv85 says:

professor x and fox in batman´╗┐

63 NOT OUT says:

wtf is doing robert downey jr the crackhead playing a genious like sherlock

Corey Archibald says:

Andy Dufresne from Shaw shank redemption, this man was truly genius. He was
Creative, ambitious and had a head full of knowledge. He learn from some of
the most intense life experience that will ever occur in our human
lifetime. A man of wisdom. even if his body was prisoned in his cell… His
mind was free, free because he had hope that one day he would get out of
the prison he was trapped, to go somewhere his soul wanted to be. Don’t be
the person who hopes for something because you want it so badly but your
mind is prisoned by the odds of failure. Be like Andy that didn’t thought
outside the box but… Thought like there was no box. The only limits to
our intelligent human mind is the one we think are true, but are they

Patrick McNerney says:

Come on guys, where the hell are the Baby Geniuses from Baby Geniuses 1 &
2! Pftt… that’s an embarrassment WatchMojo; the word Genius is even in
the title!´╗┐

Javier Vallecas says:

What about Andy Dufrey?´╗┐

cristi24576 says:

John Travolta from The Phenomenon´╗┐

Abdul Wahab says:

what is the movie at :46 sec´╗┐

Lolliepop Lulu says:

I would of said number one was the doctor from doctor who´╗┐

GimpTech USGay says:


Krzysztof Dziedzic says:

where the hall is dr House D:´╗┐

Saif Alkhaldi says:

What about 21 in 2008´╗┐

lei liang says:

where is “a beautiful mind”, John Nash, a great mathematician who won the
Nobel Price…´╗┐

Rick T says:

Amadeus is not on the list? Iron Man? This is a pretty bad list.´╗┐

Cunkdoat says:

Good Will Hunting! Finally watched it the other night. Best movie ever´╗┐

Slevin Kelevra says:

You can not assemble this list without John Nash. Mathematical genius who
was presented as one of the best actors who even got an OSCAR in it.´╗┐

shane glass says:

house m.d´╗┐

Tomokojewelry says:

Yeah, Max in PI was brilliant! I should watch it again!´╗┐

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