Top 3 Small Business Marketing Ideas, Authentic Marketing Strategies for Small Business

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Small Business Marketing Ideas. For more information visit . In this Wednesday episode you will learn the Top 3 strategies for small business marketing that require no selling and do not cost a fortune.

1. The first being able to focus on the 80/20 rule. This rule demonstrates that in order to succeed in business you need to be motivated. That is it is 80% motivation and 20% perspiration.

2. the second being authentic marketing and and you will here a lot about how you can find your unique method of marketing that fits your particular style and personality/

3. alignment with your business vision. this means coming up with strategies that are in line and with the overall business focus.

Finally you will also see how I work with my client to identify the key problem in his business and create a solution that is uniquely fitting to his personality and core strength.

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Adrian Henson says:

So true, and this particular video is very informative for me. Thanks.
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mr muscle says:

I like listening to you. Thank you. Jerry Brainum one of the original old
school bodybuilders could use his help in getting more viewers on his
blog..I would love to hear from you becuase I put his articles on this blog
for him.I am his advertising person…HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!.Thanks again..

VitalyTV says:

you can begin where ever you are just think of all the ways you can connect
with your clients. what can you give away that will not cost you much but
will give your customer a sample of your product or service ? it makes
great marketing and unlike the conventional advertising. It does not cost
you a cent. Just your time !

VitalyTV says:

thank you Jodi I appreciated and glad you found it funny and entertaining.
Talking about money and business can be serious thing but it does not have
to be.

Kevin Lanclos says:

Look forward to your next video

VitalyTV says:

coaching is the best way to pick up these marketing and advertising
techniques. Because it gives you are feel and exact strategies that are
actually working and customizes the strategies for your particular business
and your style, personality

VitalyTV says:

You are welcome , that is why I teach ….:)

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