Using Amazon to get great Business Ideas

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Close You can find and generate some great business ideas using Amazon and their best seller feature. I have found so many ideas for all different accepts of my business by just using the free search tools that amazon offer to everyone.
If you are looking for something to sell online, amazon is a great place to start getting ideas and inspiration. Also there are many opportunity’s that you can find using Amazon that are working online, that will also work offline that haven’t been done yet.
You have to use your imagination of course but once you start the ball rolling it’s amazing what you can come up with. Just because someone is already selling something on amazon it doesn’t mean that you cannot sell something similar that is even better quality and even sell more than your competition.
Another idea is packaging products together to make your own information products or unique physical products to sell online.
In the video I mention the book “wheat belly” and give an example of a new business. You can read hundreds of reviews that are mainly 5 stars about the book which is all about removing gluten from your diet. I then explain that as this could be such a huge niche idea that you could run an online or offline business that delivers ready cooked gluten free meals.
If you are ever struggling to come up with ideas for products and so on, Amazon should be your first starting and research point.


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