Home Based Business Ideas – Signature Greetings – Short Video

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Signature Greetings provides a way for you to start your own home based business sending customized and personalized greeting card mailing programs for a wide range of professionals and small business owners. These mailing programs are sent to their current and prospective client base.


Professionals yearn for a way to create the personal touch, loyalty and, of course, repeat and referral business. In this age of high tech communication, faxes, e-mail and voice mail, professionals see greeting card mailings as the perfect solution. Signature Greetings has developed two programs, the Smart Start Program and the Quick Start Program as part of their home based business idea to address the need for a personal touch in what would otherwise be a cookie-cutter correspondence.

Thanks for taking the time to view our video. Visit our website at www.signaturegreetings.net.


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