How to start a cake business

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Hello, I am not giving professional advice this is just what I learned by starting my business.


CariMLynn says:

Thank you so much for this video. Very helpful!

Oz Ramos says:

Thanks this was really helpful 🙂 

Edie Babe says:

You are so cute and helpful. I like your easy going attitude and ‘real’
presentation style (for want of a better descriptor)… So many folks try
too hard or think they need to be gimmicky which is often off putting for
me personally (others might dig it and that’s cool – whatever floats your
boat). I look forward to more videos from you if you get time between
looking after your little ones that is

lorraine alleyne says:

Thank you so much for sharing 

Crystal Leon says:

Great video! Thanks

Kininet says:

Thank you so much.

Crystal Leon says:

Start your own business by Rieva Lesonsky.. Good luck!

RoseCityDiner says:

How kind of you to want to share your experience to help others and take
the time to make this video. Thank you! It was very helpful!

Kimmy Ledesma says:

Hi, Can I get the nam of the author of the book. I am trying to start a
cake pop business. Your video is very helpful. Thanks.

Jess Escamilla says:

Do you have to be a professional baker in order to start your own bakery
business? I am not, but I do love baking cake pops and pretty good at it.

cmahalnj2003 says:

WOW!! YOU’re a real person with good heart.You will always be blessed for
helping marketing our future.More power to your business.

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