Make Money Turning Home Brew into a Business [Video]

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People savor the tastes of craft beer. At least one million people in the United States brew their own beer at home. Could you take this hobby and turn it into a thriving business? Maybe. But similar to tobacco and firearms, alcohol is a tightly regulated industry.

Whether you want to make beer for a hobby or would consider an entrepreneurial enterprise, Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine explains the laws of what you can and cannot do with your home brew.

For example, one home brew club in Illinois found out their charity fundraiser was illegal because in that state, a law forbids transporting beer brewed at home. In some states you can only drink your homemade beer at home and can’t even serve it to guests. The video tells you the two states where you’d be breaking the law by even making your home brew. Larry shows you an easy “Google” tip to find the laws governing home brew in your particular state.

Please note in every state, it’s illegal to sell home brew.

However if you obtain the appropriate federal, state and local brewing permits and follow the laws regulating the alcohol industry, you can go pro. Ninety percent of professional brewers including Samuel Adams, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium beers originally began as home breweries.

This video even lets you know the costs of the basic supplies to brew your own beer. If you’re serious about taking craft beer to a professional level, you should consult a business lawyer. Find out more information on home brew and your legal options at


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