Photography Business – How to start a photography business in 3 simple steps

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” hello Evan, I need your help. I have a computer and have good skills of photography. Now I really want to know what should I do and how should I go to start a business of photography, to the whole world market of wedding and events.???


Vedantam MOHAN SRINIVAS says:

Thanks.Simple and plain language and tips that are good

Emmanuel Renolt says:

atleast i’ve an idea of how to go about my photography business…..thank
you bruh

camille islas says:

good points! :D

El Legend says:

Awesome 3 steps. I already have learned with photographers. I just want to
know if I can start with some cheap equipment first and then work my way up
buying better cameras and equipment. Should I take pictures mostly outside
to begin and then get a studio or use my home to take pictures at? I just
need to start a business asap so I can pay my bills. I’m real good in
taking pictures, lighting, making kids smile and laugh. I have people who
will be able to help me get customers. So, let me know your opinion or
advice. Thank you.

sharon bristow says:

I already have my own business for a year and a half but am having trouble
marketing to the right clientele seems everyone wants free sessions or next
to nothing. I want to be successful obviously , so im reaching out to any
source I can to make this happen for me. Im 50 years old and self taught ,
I have wanted to do this since I was 15 yrs old , so reaching for the stars
now feels particularly difficult. I also dont have a REAL spot for a
studio so most of my stuff is done outdoors and i live in New Hampshire so
that makes it difficult also with the winter months. thankfully alot of
people prefer the nature shots versus a stuffy studio or so they say…..
if I could make my business grow enough to eventually rent a space for a
studio then I would definitely go in that direction… any suggestions?
Thank you so Much :)

Photographer Overnight says:

You will find there are a lot of photographers out there who will tell you
you’re not good enough, but there are also photographers who are happy to
share their knowledge and skills with you, so soak up all the knowledge you
can get. Attend local seminars or classes that are available to you, get on
Facebook photography group discussions, or follow helpful youtube channels
with great photography tutorials like mine at Photographer Overnight. :)

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