Self Employment Ideas with Low Start

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iigers says:

Self Employment Ideas with Low Start

1234kingconan says:

Everyone – I want you to be very very careful. Do not go into any
“opportunity” where you have to pay money to get started. RK has a huge
MLM. If you don’t know what an MLM is, google it. It’s really sad how these
borderline illegal entities take advantage of the vulnerable, financially
ignorant (to no fault of their own), and usually the poorest segments of
society. It saddens me that people like Kiyosaki are so eager to take
advantage of and hurt people. If you are looking for solid financial
advice, check out Dave Ramsey. He is a man of values and isn’t trying to
sell our society down the river. Peace.

Vidhi Nayar says:

Self Employment Ideas with Low Start

Laquisha Moore says:

you have to buy products then sell them, like Amway or Herbalife. I don’t
want to be salesperson.

peter1114222 says:

0 business ideas in this video, the title is a total lie. Stupid bullshit!

Oscar Palacios says:

Where are the self employment ideas? Fuck your MLM schem, you loser. I am
looking for self employment ideas with low start. I don’t want to give a
way my money to an MLM scheme. I’d rather spend it on stuff I don’t need.

Wan Hafiz says:

love this!

Low Cost Business Ideas ? says:

Thanks for sharing …

MrUpicacho says:




Contractor 911 says:

Robert K. is a smart man, good stuff. I love listening to him. Yep, the
middle class is definetly an endangered species. You’ve got to break out
of the “employee” way of thinking. Thanks for posting. :-)

wfhbusnesopp says:

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