T Shirt Printing Business Workshop Tutorial Easy Work From Home Start Up

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T Shirt Printing: Business Workshop Tutorial Easy Work From Home Start Up
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T shirt printing playlist at: http://youtu.be/Cn8s_Ut3NlM?list=PLO265WIIFik5mi-bKG_pR8RaVZqRu7WDn


7SERIESfilm says:

I have a vinyl cutter, vinyls, heat press, but I’m not getting any business
I advertise on social media and have items on ebay and nobody ordering.
What I’m I doing wrong

David Barnes says:

Thank you Martin Butler..you have the magic tools at a very cheap fraction
of the costs.

Suresh Dangol says:

i have been thinking about my own t-shirt designs.. what are the things i
would be needing for that looks like i need a heat presser, paper.. can you
kindly helpo me out
thanks sir 😀

cordney ellis says:

Hey Martin what type of machine are you using I would like to buy one. 

Allen Leonard Fernandez says:

Hey Martin, thank you for the inspiration. I would like, someday, to start
a t-shirt printing business from home. What resources do I need? I’d very
much appreciate if you could share with me the pieces of equipment, tools,
software, and among other things, necessary in t-shirt printing. Thank you.

cyigen85 says:

Hi Martin i was just wondering about the new system ” laser dark no cut
transfer printing system”, what do you think about that system? is the
quality not as good as this? and what is your overall opinion about that? 

jayr122001 says:

Where can i buy clothing vinyl? 

Jimmy Medina says:

What Vinyl cutter you are using? 

amazingadi says:

Hi +Martin
I would like to know what kind vinyl sheets have you used. And also the
transparent sheet. I failed to get it done :-(

Sue Nicholls says:

hi martin have sent you a message i have your dvd can’t see an email
address for support please reply thanks

degrade says:

The print used is it a sticker?

shelly anne says:

finally got press, printer and recommended transfers 🙂 Getting a slight
crease around image, do you think it’s the presser, I’m using 190 for the
temp so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Mark Fraser says:

Great informative video, thank you. Is the process much different for
printing colour or does 5hat become super complicated. Thanks again for
posting. :)

Martin Butler says:
Jeff .Cann says:

What kind of cutter do you use? Thanks in advance!

Alejandro Constantino says:

What machine I can buy,, for clothes. .. I wanna start small business. ..

swordfish00007 says:

The prints look very clean. Would you suggest these are better than
typical ink, silk screen printing etc? I am writing to you from the USA.
Also the health wise of not breathing in the fumes of the conventional
screen print i would think this is better. Do these wash out quickly etc?
How much are your one day camps? Thanks

Dodgewwwc says:

It’s a pixmax 5in1 from monster doodles, relatively cheap but it’s usually
ok with other items eg photo slates, phone covers etc, have you got a link
to your DVDs? Cheers.

Warmed Winter says:

where can I get those paper ?

Julie Willis says:

Hello martin, can you please tell me. . . If someone purchased a t shirt
with this printing method, could you iron straight over it or would you
have to iron the garment inside out because it would stick otherwise?

CoffeeGaming says:

Hey fellow T-Shirt Printing Masters, getting started with t shirt
printing, And currently wondering where i can get custom plastisol heat
transfers in the uk?

Sharon Gatty says:

Just amazing!! It gives me clear idea how designing a t-shirt becomes very
easy and I’m looking forward to utilize this type of process to start my
own t-shirt business online. Thanks.

Colourworks Screen Printers says:

I seeee……! Thanks for the vid Martin. Super helpful :)

Dodgewwwc says:

hi martin, I’ve been dabbling with sublimation for a few months now, your
videos are very helpful and informative.. just a quick question, whenever I
press a t shirt I always seem to get a burn mark from the press, I’ve tried
Teflon and baking paper but it always seems to happen. any advice? many

venus psychic says:

great !!!!

SMoore2Love says:

What brand of heat transfer vinyl do you use?

Draco Merlyzd says:

Can the T-shirt be washed?

mark dean Manlanat says:

what kind of paper you’ve used? and Can I just use iron to heat the paper? 

beth ashley says:

Is this an iron press?

Ben Griffiths says:

Hi Martin, I’m wondering where is the best place to purchase t-shirt vinyl
from at the cheapest price?

ian scoff says:

Martin, would you suggest that I need to buy a cutter such as the Roland
Camm 1 to start with or could I get buy with say a cameo? I’ve got my eye
on a LIYU 24″.

Travis Dnttrip says:

how do u get ur own drawings tht are on paper onto a printing sheet? ther a
company tht can do tht?

Mengnan Wei says:

Thank you! Uncle Butler!

sayantan chakraborty says:

sir,please tell me does it work on 100 %
cotton t shirts??

danielhernandez51 says:

Hi my name is danny. Im 23 years old. And im trying to start a new small
t-shirt printing business. I love this tutorial 🙂 thank u very much. But
since im new in this i would like to get some help. Cuz i dont know
anything about this, i already know i have to buy a small printing machine.
But i want to know how to get drawings? If i need any computer program to
create pictures? I would really apreciate if u answer back. I will leave my
email in case u want to reach me. Thanks alot and god bless u 🙂

tw1ce says:

Hi could you please do a video on how to make the style of tshirt you’re
working on in this video, where to find/buy designs how to set up a
silhouette cameo to cut the shapes, i’m having trouble with a tshirt design
for a local football team, they want the eat sleep and the there team name
but i can’t figure out how to make the cutter cut shapes inside the
squares, it doesn’t matter how many youtube video guides or any other type
of guide i watch or read nothing seems to make sense, but as it was your
videos that got me printing shirts in the first place i thought i’d just
ask yourself, Any help/advise/VIDEOS would be awesome, thanks 

Mohammed Bousselham says:

where can i get the vinyl and where do i make it cut?

Tracksz Tune says:

What type of printer you use to print the graphics like that ?

Margaret Dowling says:

Martin do you sell or have link to heat transfer paper for light and dark
fabrics please
thanks for the great videos xmx

acs brighton says:

Hey Martin, what company cuts your vinyls for you? 

Frankie Jay says:

masterclass. thanks mate 

Game Wolf says:

Thanks for showing! love the accent LOL

edo kb says:

what’s the name of this paper???

Martin Butler says:

you can put it anywhere you want.

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