T Shirt Transfer Printing Training Workshop – Start Your Home Business

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Training DVD = http://ukinternetmarketingschool.com/my-products/t-shirt-transfer-printing-training-dvd/

If you are in the UK, check out my private training workshops I run from my home in Lincolnshire. Easy access by train if you don’t want to drive.


Jessica Hoyer says:

what is the vinyl cutter you started out with? Can you cut any image you
want on it?

Diego Fuentes says:

one question: What is better Screen printing or Transfer printing?

Martin Butler says:
Sarah Pick says:

Really wish they’d kill the music. Makes it harder to hear him talking.

Miglena Dermenjieva says:

do u use special inks?

Moon Muna says:

what is the name of this type of printing???

Anniebee Russell says:

Hi Martin, Great videos.. Are you still running courses at present please ?
If so, Please could you email me the details, look forward to hearing from
you Annie 🙂

Martin Butler says:

@James Dennington Hi James, I live in lincs

Onu Onu says:

Oh, I see. Thank you very much for your answer. Have a great day!

Martin Butler says:

they are on my website at ukinternetmarketingschool (dot com)

Cynthia Edwards says:

Great info, but music is distracting. Love the accent and want to hear what
you are saying not the elevator music.

Kirsty Wright says:

does anyone know what transfer paper he uses? as i have used some and it
leaves a horrible white border from the sheet

Zyra Z says:

What kind of transfer papers you use?

bangonitdave says:

which paper do you use?

hilanbell23 says:

What type of printing paper do you use

MrGalli1982 says:


Martin Butler says:

I’ve never used Chromablast inks but the inks I use on 100% t shirts don’t
fade or run, And they are cheap.

Martin Butler says:

HI Ann, Details on my website under the products menu. Regards Martin

Vinylnuts says:

where do you Live? I’m in cambridge

Martin Butler says:

I use an inkjet printer for t shirt transfers.

Martin Butler says:

Cartess mostly uses screen printed transfers that are dear here in the uk
and not really geared to one off short run designs. My way (in my opinion)
is the easiest most cost effecient way to start in the t shirt printing biz.

Tough Journeyman says:

Hi Martin, I heard that Chromablast ink allows you to transfer print on
100% cotton. Is this right? If so have you tried working with it? and what
do you think of it? Thank you.

Martin Butler says:

all that info and more is on my training dvd if you are interested on the
link above.


How much are your courses

Martin Butler says:

no, they are created with transfer paper

Callum Hewitt says:

What transfer paper do you use martin where can it be purchased

Martin Butler says:

if you check out the link in the description, my dvd explains all.

PrikokeDinSarcofag says:

Hello, what do you use for transfer printing, an inkjet or a laser printer?

Martin Butler says:

this is transfer printing.

Onu Onu says:

are the t-shirts in this video made using a sublimation technique?

Kirsty Wright says:

also i have been watching Cartes Ross ? & his videos all tell me to go to a
graphic design and have them printed that way – but that is so expensive!!
Thanks for all the videos, I maybe purchasing your DVD soon!

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