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Shaklee Home Business

Shaklee is a well established nutritional company, with a variety of nutritional, personal care and household products. Founded by Dr. Forrester Shaklee in 1956, the company strives to provide high quality, natural and safe products through direct sales. The company’s motto “Better You, Better World” expresses Shaklee’s commitment to helping improve individual lives as well as the environment.

In 2004, the company was acquired by the Barnett family, and Roger Barnett became its Chairman and CEO. In an inaugural conference call, message, Roger Barnett stated that Shaklee was a half-billion dollar company in 5 countries. Today, Shaklee claims more than 750,000 members and distributors in the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada and Taiwan.

Shaklee Products

Shaklee offers several nutritional products. Vitalizer is a nutritional supplement containing multiple vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-aging components and probiotics. A recent addition is Vivix, an anti-aging supplement based on resveratrol. Shaklee kids and Shaklee baby are nutritional supplements for children and infants.

Shaklee’s weight loss Cinch claims to reduce fat while building muscle mass. The Enfuselle skin care products are formulated with antioxidants designed to reduce free radical damage to the skin. The Get Clean family of “safe, powerful, green and smart” household cleaners completes the line of Shaklee products.

Shaklee Compensation Plan

In the Shaklee compensation plan, distributors can purchase products with a 15% discount off the suggested retail price, and can profit by selling products at retail. Members with a volume of 250 PV and above are advancing to the status of distributors and are earning an additional volume bonus, ranging form 4% to 34%, depending on volume.

Getting Started is Easy! You can join as a member for $19.95 and receive 15% off on Shaklee Products, you can become a distibutor for as little as $39.95, but if you’re serious about building a Shaklee Home Business… I personally recommend the Gold Ambassador Pack ($299) or the Super Gold Ambassador Pack ($750) is really the best value as it comes with all the Shaklee Products along with a free website and more. Where else can you start a business for $750 and have every product in your inventory?

Shaklee Marketing

Shaklee’s marketing plan is based on what the company calls “Social Marketing.” This is the conventional MLM marketing strategy of referring family, friends and local acquaintances to the Shaklee products. In addition to the conventional marketing tools, the company also provides Shaklee PWS personal websites that allow the distributor to sell Shaklee products online. Our team is ready to teach you how to market your Shaklee Business any way you choose to have amazing success!

Shaklee Training

Training for Shaklee distributors is available online through Shaklee University. The curriculum has four major sections:

— Understanding Shaklee Products
— First Step Training
— The Shaklee Opportunity
— Good Business Practices

First Step training is about basic personal referral, prospecting and sponsoring, plus goal setting and commitment. The Good Business Practices section covers customer care and follow-up, plus follow-up with members and prospects, including those from the internet.

Shaklee Home Business Recommendations

Shaklee is a strong stable company with a line of high quality products. This provides a solid basis for a successful Shaklee home business. To take full advantage of the income opportunities, you want build your own sales volume quickly and also add successful business builders. To reach this goal, you need to supplement the traditional Shaklee marketing methods with effective direct marketing strategies, using the phone and the internet.

Live the Shaklee Dram Today! Share the Shaklee Dream tomorrow!

My name is Kaetlin OBrien and I am studying Nutrition at the University of Buffalo …by the way, Shaklee does many clinical studies and reasearch here at the university. I look forward to meeting you and helping you Get Living Healthy… Physically, Mentally, and Financially!

Please contact me soon:
home: 716-222-0201 (most likely will get an answering machine as I’m in classes all day, but leave a message and I’ll call you on my break)
email: support@getlivinghealthy.com



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