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Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) is the best energy degregulation company that you can start for $99 and operate it from online.There has never been a better time in U.S. history when a home-based opportunity has had the potential it has today. And, one of the best perks is the ability to leverage time, people, and money while working for yourself. How many times have you heard this statement, “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself?” That’s the whole point of teamwork at CCM, and why the site you can visit at is called “!”

Deregulation by the public utility commissions (PUC) of a number of states has created competition for natural gas and electricity supply. This allows customers to choose their energy supplier, and it’s also creating a one-of-a-kind and profitable new opportunity for people just like you. With CCM, you get the biggest commercial /residential energy footprint in the marketplace — A-L-L 34 deregulated states.

The direct selling businiess space is growing at a quick rate, far exceeding that of traditional companies. It’s achieved in excess of $30 billion in sales; supports approx. 16 million independent marketers; and, attracts nearly 13,000 new people to its ranks each week. The primary reason is that rather than spend money on large ad agencies and so on, to share information with customers, direct selling companies like CCM would rather compensate you to form lasting professional relationships.

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