Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDxRoma

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This video is filmed and edited by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO
Corazza is a full-time professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum at the University of Bologna, a member of the Executive Council, and the founder of the Marconi Institute of Creativity. He teaches science and the applications of creative thinking. Why/Which/How/Where/What/When/Experiment. A quick jump out of the box is more insight ful than a lifetime of standard thinking.

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Michael Wright says:

I don’t like it inside the box.

ringo starr says:

To become more creative you simply have to open your mind, *make room for
NEW thoughts or ideas* to come. This will help you in this way: go to
TruthContest○com and read ~~The Present~~

Narine Hovhannisyan says:

#creativethinking #outofthebox 

A. M. Goudarzi says:

very very well put! thanks a lot for the talk. It’s a pity that such
realistic and practical view over the dynamic of our thought processes has
attracted only 74,000 views so far, after eight months. 

Divina Courtney says:

If you want to make it big you have to start thinking big. Nothing is
impossible! Check out this awesome video that will help you start changing
the way you thing to get better results in your life.

Gabriel Boisvert says:

it was a wonderfull stadium speach. the robot talking was extremely
interesting even if he was as small as a mouse.

Miriam Warren says:

Get out of the conform zone

Liz L says:

Creative thinking by Giovanni Corazza

Ricardo X says:

sorry but at seven minutes in i’m not getting anything new or meaningful
about creativity, just playing out the metaphor of the box. am i missing

J.B. J.B. says:

Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and…:

Tritinum says:

he looks like kevin spacey

mohammed alqarni says:

Kevin Spacey?

Arnold Zoundi says:
Rama Krishna says:

Excellent talk .

Uday Pasricha says:

A good idea to read the book Inside the Box by Prof Jacob Goldberg and Drew
Boyd. The book has a very clear explanation of a proven process using a
tool box approach for creativity. A similar approach is vaguely mentioned
here and Professor here has identified the basic need to push the mind
through path of its intuitive resistance. Creativity goes beyond intuition
to being counter intuitive. Using Cognitive tools to generate ideas is
highly resisted by creative professionals resisted who consider it anathema
to promote the concept that creativity can be taught or created. However
the need in todays market is not necessarily to be more creative and have
better ideas than another, but at least become more creative then ones
previous self. Going out of the box can be a waste, and the greatest
advantage of staying inside the box is that whatever new idea is generated
it is implementable. Here inside the box means; using only existing
resources. That is true creativity and innovation that adds value at lowest

Alejandro Moreira says:

Pensar out of the box!

Suharsh Tyagi says:

Amazing talk ! thank you for this

Satnam Singh says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Gerard Manik says:

I appreciate on the talk helped me, but when it comes to application to he
is pirating Steve Jobs concept of changing the slides – just a taught —
Observe !! 

Art Suneel says:

excellent talk

Rodney Berry says:

Anybody using stale clichés like ‘out of the box’ is surely still in it!

hassan kareem says:

great job

Milton Milionairez says:


Snezana Subotic says:

Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas #TEDx

Blinger Shorn ta says:
Sabrina Wui says:

add something more,add some spice,something apparently not relevant

it is still difficult for me to generate new ideas~~

How to do ??

ahmed ismail says:


Juan Moisés de la Serna says:

Thank you for share this vídeo. I just link this to a paper with the title
“Interview with María Beatriz Ruiz Alonso, Director of CRE-IN®, who talks
about Creativity and Innovation”

Moqeem Alizai says:

Amazing talk, 

Evgueni Metlitski says:

to think out of the box you have to drop acid, or maybe do some meditation,
not sure if meditation will work or not

Kiki Bolloface says:

Very helpful, thanks.
A clear and practical explanation of the creative process at work.
“The courage to think outside the box. The courage to play.”

Lazaro expresion says:

luxury…theres no box

John Anderson says:

University of baloney.

Evolved Health News says:

Time to get creative +TEDx #evolvedhealth #creativity 

Silicon Valley Innovation Center says:

Watch this #TEDtalk now. Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and
generate ideas: Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate
ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDxRoma #Creativity

drisingsunarun says:


1myoho says:

nothing is out of the box. it is we to limit or delimit the box. it is we
who draws the line. so why be sceptical of out of the box exploration?
extend the box walls instead and you are within the box with ideas out of
the box.

Henri Chapoton says:

Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas:
Giovan… :

Omar Hanson says:

Really awesome talk. It allows one to think way beyond the current
situation and or conditions. More these talks can certainly be very life
changing and rewarding. 

Patricia Machado says:
Apoorva Jaiswal says:

Brilliant speech by tedx

schmokem says:

That’s a GREAT idea, speakers delivering speeches.

HeatRayz Video says:

Between the hyperbole and cliches and jingoism there non-sense. The genesis
of this mentality is the boardroom where they are trying to maximise
profits by exploiting employee’s ideas. If you want to learn to be creative
then absorb some at avant garde art. 

InfoPro89 says:

Before exploring long thinking you must master your subject of thinking.

Vigilante Freeman says:

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