Home Business Ideas| Honest Review of Team National and The Biggest Problem Team National Reps Face

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0:30 – Is it legitimate?
0:50 – Honest Team National company review
1:48 – The #1 problem reps will face
3:00 What they’ll tell you to do, but it won’t work
3:56 The home business ideas solution you need to build a strong business

Welcome to the Home Business Ideas Channel. If you’ve landed on this video, you’re either an existing Team National member, or maybe you’ve been introduced to the Team National business by a friend or family member and are searching for Team National reviews, other home business ideas, or you may have heard something about a Team National scam.

Well, the great news is that Team National is a legitimate company, has a solid service and line of products, and is a great way to earn money from home. Team National is actually one of the more reputable network marketing company’s around if you’re searching for good home business ideas.

Team National is a reputable company in the network marketing industry. They are located in Davie, Florida near Ft. Lauderdale. What Team National offers is a membership which provides discounts on items you’re probably already buying. This could include anything from the next vehicle you buy to the soap you use in your home. They’re able to do this through a powerful group buying power concept. Pretty valuable as far as home business ideas go.They also offer a line of nutritional products.


From a business perspective, Team National offers a strong binary compensation plan loaded with bonuses for members who promote the business model. Home business ideas like this a sometimes preferable because of a combination of great a great comp plan, and no requirement to have a product auto shipped every month.

Now having shared all of this positive information with you, I do see one problem facing Team National members, and all network marketers for that matter. The number 1 problem is generating leads. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but when someone first joins a network marketing opportunity they’ll be asked to write down a list of 25, 50, maybe even 100 people. They may also be given a memory jogger. This is so you can formulate your list of people you will invite to look at your company’s presentation and see if they’re open to any home business ideas. This is a great way to start, however, what happens when you get to the end of that list? And by the way, you will burn through it! You may be told to call those same people again, which I wouldn’t recommend. You may even be encouraged to go and buy leads, which I also wouldn’t recommend.

The great thing about this home business ideas channel is, I don’t want to just point out problems, but also share solutions for you to build your business quickly.

What I would encourage you to do is to take charge of your business immediately, like the leader you are, and learn to generate new leads for your business every single day!
I’m not talking about your friends and family either! Fresh leads every day is the life blood of your business, and honestly, without them, you’re doomed to fail in any of the home business ideas.

What I want to do is share a home business ideas solution that will get your business moving, and create the momentum, and the success you and your family deserve to have!

Go right now to http://www.profitcentersonline.com/?s1=TeamNational . Enter your name and email to be granted immediate access to the very solution that can change your business right now. Honestly, you can’t not afford to check this out! Go now!

Home Business Ideas| Honest Review of Team National and The Biggest Problem Team National Reps Face

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mowguy fudd says:

People like you are the number one problem. I am a member and love the
savings and the people are wonderful to deal with. I have NEVER been
encouraged to BUY a prospect list of names. If you haven’t noticed but
there is no shortage of people around us daily, talk to them instead of
stroking the phone glass. Your video is nothing more than being a parasite
to get people to click on your deal. Grow a set and do some work.

Diane Craparotta says:

Scott, no one in the company after 7 years with the company, Team National,
have I been encouraged to buy a list of names to call. In our day to day
lives, we come across so many people that contact are not a problem. It is
not also only us building the business. We are helping many people on all
levels to build their business, which also flows up to us….It is not how
many people I know, but who my team knows. Otherwise the video is pretty
accurate. Group buying power is awesome!

Rafael Coiman says:

omg, the eyes… they are so close together… :

Devan A says:

He never blinks throughout the whole movie

Charlie Chapman says:

Network marketing …. just another name for pyramid scheme.

Lee Strickland says:

It amazes me at how many people think they know how this works and to be
honest they’re totally clueless. For one we never ask them twice we give
them the option to contact us at a later date if they change their minds.
We don’t chase people they’re either in or out.

Rick Toasty says:

Don’t click the link it just wants you to sign up for a bunch of web sites
an then doesn’t even tell you what to do

Brandon Cranford says:

Great Educational Video!

Ryan Fishkin says:

Scott, Team National is not legitimate. We tried to help them clean up
their reputation and image on the internet and they failed to co-operate.
Outside of Angela Chrysler who is a well to do CEO the rest of her Team is
incompetent. If they are intelligent and want to clean up their image on
Google then they would use SEO TIME INC

Phil Chrysler and Josh Marx are extremely incompetent and are not to be
trusted as they can not keep an appointment or their word. 

Kevin Hauff says:

Awwesome stuff man. Will help alot of people with this information

Brandon Cranford says:

Scott great video on Home Bussiness ideas keep up the good work my friend!

SEO seobill says:

Nice Scott, thanks for the information!

Jeremy Paul Morgan says:

Great video Scott, this truly is the number one issue people have in the
industry. Thank you.

Jeremy Henderson says:

Thanks for the video!

Elli Sanders says:

^_^ Domo Arigoto!

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