I WROTE A BOOK! and have a new business idea

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My book is at: http://jackie-pearce.com/launch-yo-biz-beta-release/

Come hang out!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coffeeorrum
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jackiempearce
Tumblr: http://jackiepearce.tumblr.com


GameBantz says:

Congrats on the buk!! :p

Stone Arius says:

Hi JackieMicrowave 🙂
Hi Rocky :)

xpallodoc says:

I’m proud of u 

ItsMarkJames says:

I tried so hard to listen…. but doggyyyy :((( so purty

MrNotThatFamous says:

the dog is like “Imma lick your face….you wont see it coming, but soon”

Jackie Pearce says:
Khandelwal Manan says:

“Obama cares gonna kill American” lol

MrDillab says:

Congrats on whriting a book :)

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