My new business idea since the cottage stay

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P Galway says:

the neighbourhood was good until you dumb monkey nigger moved in.

Kautas Tomsk says:

Only garbage go with you monkey, get over it.

pr says:

What was the cost for renting the cottage?

Rich Graysonn says:

This idea sounds dope. An “immersion week/weekend” would be helpful for
anyone learning any language.

MegaSexfanatic says:

– Phil, marry Sasha!
– Oh, I must leave Russia!
– Phil, met those 22 Russian blond girls.
– Oh, I must stay in Russia for a little while.

spx730 says:


thevillage70 says:

I used to run a Japanese homestay business back in the day Philko, I’m
down, hit me up and lets talk!

Jonatas Torres de Souza says:

Hey Phil
What are the songs names?

Mario Alexander says:

Hello Phil,
I want to talk with you about your business idea.I try to contact you on
your channel,and skype but it is impossible to connect with you.
Please write me as soon as possible and we can discuss more,
My email is vicmarrealestate(at)
Have a good day,Thank you

BikeLifeEze says:

I like this song now because of you 

intruder04 says:

nice business idea, Phil. Also i think it is important to get a better
video camera… if you plan to continue with your youtube channel. This
will bring you more views for sure

Tom White says:

Just American English speakers or British English also?

Mega Gamer Gaming says:

I wish foreigners would speak English while in public in the United States.
I think its disrespectful when they speak their language. This is the usa
we speak English here.

Philko vs the world says:

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