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Tips below for some startup business ideas that will help you to decide if a side (local) business or a online start up business is right for you?

Will this year be your best business year yet? To get you started I’d like to share some good startup business ideas with you. I hope that the tips here will help you achieve your dreams for the New Year.

Start with your Goal Setting:

Measurable goals for your side business ideas or online (internet) business ideas is critical. Until you know exactly what you want to achieve and how you plan to go about achieving it, your chance of business success this year will be dismal. Having coached many small business owners I have found that the lack of clear and measurable goal is the most consistent factor for business failure. The formula that I give in my small business course is:

“I am going to achieve Goal ‘A’ on this date by practicing that initiative”Without setting and following up on measurable goals you will not be able to see if what you believe are good ideas can be turned into actual profitable business ideas. This point is important for any business but it is absolutely critical if your are still at the stage of working with your startup business ideas.

Test your customer’s needs:

Regardless of what your business is, product, service or information your objective should be to solve a problem that faces your customers. You test this by using surveys, marketing software or a simple face to face chat. Hekp solve customer problem with your solution and there is big money to be made.

Create a strong message:

Once you know what your customers’ needs are and how your product or service will fill the gap you need to create a strong message that communicates the benefits of your solution. If your startup business ideas are online, the banner of your blog or web page should include a meaningful logo and an encapsulation of the benefits of what you have to offer should be above the fold of your landing page. And of course, don’t forget that all important picture! People love pictures and a few eye-catching ones scattered throughout your message will take some of your start up business ideas and keep the interest going for much longer than something that is just dull and boring text.

Keep in touch:

Keeping in touch with your customers without being seen to be pushy is one of the main factors of using your startup business ideas that they lead you in achieving ongoing business success.Most of the best business ideas that work online are aware of this and are practising this at least up to a reasonable level. Many offline businesses however fail miserably on this score. Must build relationships with customers if you want a successful small (or big) business.

Monitor and Adjust:

Once you have implemented the first 4 steps at the beginning of the year, don’t forget to monitor your progress. Are you staying on target with your goals? Letting this slip is one of the worst mistakes that any business owner can make. You can always adjust your goals on the proviso that you have been monitoring your progress regularly and that the reasons for the changes are valid ones that will benefit your business success.
REMEMBER, transforming your start up business ideas and dreams into good business ideas and making this your best year yet is easily achievable if you use the right mindset and take massive action with your best new business ideas.

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