(Tapia) Tray Liner & PlaceMat Advertising In The News – (Start Up Home Business Idea)

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Thank you for your interest in Tray Display Advertising and welcome to a unique new advertising concept that allows businesses to place their advertising message in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Tray Display Advertising, based in Colorado, sold advertising space on 23 southern Colorado Wendy’s restaurants placemats and on pizza box toppers in 9 Little Caesars pizza locations.

Tray Display How To Manual:
Learn how a 20 year old entrepreneur, Phillip Tapia, turned fast food trash into cash. In this proven, 8 step, 56 page, manual: Phillip diagrams how he created a one of a kind home based business that turned an 8 ½” x 11″ piece of white paper into a full time business! Phillip believes this advertising business concept can be duplicated by anyone in any city anywhere. Be the first in your area to start up a placemat and pizza box topper advertising business. With this manual, you will learn:

– How and why Tray Display Advertising works
– How to create a Tray Display Advertising business model.
– How your new business will make money from the start.
– How much to charge advertisers.
– How to identify and use vendors you will need.
– How to create a production calendar and system.
– How to build a detailed presentations for your clients.
– How to get restaurants and advertisers to participate.
– How to create special promotions and coloring contests that are fun.

Think about it: millions of Americans eat at fast food locations everyday. When has any company ever been able to promote their products and services to this captive audience while the audience enjoys meals at some of America’s favorite fast food restaurants?

Log on to TrayLinerAdvertising.com for more information!

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Kanal Rockford says:

Thumbs up for a great but simple idea.

Gilbert Nutier says:

awesome video ! you have good idea indeed . Thank you for sharing .

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