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4 Popular Home-Based Business Ideas
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Home-based businesses have several advantages. Here are a few home-based business ideas for you to consider as you move from your current career to the next. These businesses will require up to $1,500 as startup money.
1. Editorial Services
You can provide several different editorial services from your own home. Here are a few.
• Copyediting. This means that you are responsible for fact checking and correcting typical grammatical, stylistic, and typographical errors.
• Proofreading. This means that you are marking sure that all copyediting changes have been made correctly without any new errors.
• Indexing. If you are unsure of how to start, there are several indexing courses currently available. You can even use indexing software.
• Developmental Editing. Work on a manuscript and focus on editing the big picture, including organization and content.
• Book Doctoring. Take a manuscript and put it into the right shape for publication.
• Ghost Writing. Research sufficiently before writing the desired book. Note that the credit for writing the book will go to someone else.
• Copywriting. This is a form of business writing, in which you promote different products or services through writing.
• Book Writing. If you are an expert in a certain area, you can write a book about it and sell it.
• Magazine Article Writing. Publish your writing through magazines and newspapers. This is a great way to become published before you start tackling harder projects such as writing entire books.
• Web page Content Provider. Make money while writing by providing web site content.
2. Electronics Repair
Similar to computer repair, you can offer services to fix a variety of electronic equipment. Be prepared to have customers bring their smaller electronics to you. You can also encourage customers to turn in old electronics so that you can salvage parts.
3. Event Planning
To get started, you need to visit all potential event locations. Work with marketing managers to tour the site and learn everything about the location. This way, you can start a database that allows you to sort through the venues with different features, including maximum number of guests, equipment available, and services provided. This way, when you plan events with your client, you can easily locate the right sites that you need.
4. Expert Witness Service
If you have the right experience, training, and licensing, you can act as an expert witness for attorneys. You can also help match attorneys to different expert witness for their cases.


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