2015 Online Business – A Bad Lip Reading

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Because we all need to take a break and have fun every once in a while.

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Baller Boot Camp says:

lol classic…i like the Pat Flynn one with the bowl

Evan Carmichael says:

hahaha amazing! #believe 

Real Men Real Style says:

Wow – this is pretty damn funny.

Not the video…..but that we follow the same people online :)

Melissa Fach says:

Via +Michael King 2015 Online Business – A Bad Lip Reading – starring +Rand
Fishkin & +noah kagan 

twotrees seo says:

Did no one else notice Derek Halperns Zoidberg impression!?

Alan Chavez says:

Haha this is hilarious, it was quite surprising to see myself in this video
😛 (during Noah’s hangout)

Katie Davis says:

This is AWESOME and I told Pat Flynn about it (hope he watches!) Now that I
know where he keeps his chips, the secret’s OUT. And Derek Halpern’s is
hysterical and OMG – Michael Hyatt’s? Where did I laugh hardest?!

videofruitapp says:
Kimberley Grabas says:

Oh my! This is hilarious! Enjoy a good laugh or two…

The Wittenburg Report says:

RT ✎ Andrew Warner: WTF did this guy do with my voice and my friends’
videos? http://buff.ly/1vYBAdi

Apps4Truckers.com says:

We need to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Great vid, Brian.

Bob Jones says:

Hilarious :D

Sweeney Daniel says:

Wonderfully done 

Deborah Pullins says:

Lolololol. This is actually really hilarious.

Jason Bay says:

This is hilarious! Great job!

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